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  1. Repair & Maintenance
    Hey ya'll, I'm new to these sort of threads so I apologize if I sound like a newbie to some things. I have a 1983 Honda ATC 200S that I'm currently trying to rebuild and as stated on the cylinder jug, it says 192CM but when I look online such as ebay or amazon, they offer only 196CM and bore of...
  2. Repair & Maintenance
    Hello, I wanted to do a top end on my '84 200s. When researching the stock bore on forums, some say 63.5mm and some say 65.5mm. I measured my cylinder and piston and they are in fact ~63.5mm, however, when looking for replacement rings most companies refer to the standard bore size as 65.5mm...
  3. Brakes & Suspension
    I'm trying to install new brake shoes on my 200s and when I got the drum apart I noticed the main anchor pin is missing. The cam is still there and turns fine but I'm looking for a solution to my pin issue. Can I just use a bolt or something as a pin? Thanks in advance!
  4. Repair & Maintenance
    Alright here goes another one lol. I just rode my 200s 3 wheeler and it started to shudder and cut out. So i pushed it back home and when I got home I messed with it a little and got it started again. I can't get it to stay idle even when I adjust the idle screw either. Think I could just...
1-4 of 4 Results