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  1. Battery is full, but no power on fourtrax 300 FW

    Honda TRX
    So my Fourtrax just died one day and I thought it was a battery since this has happened a couple time, the regulator is bad and the battery completely dies. So we put in a new battery, nothing happens, no lights nothing. Not even the neutral/oil temp lights come on. However, my winch DOES work...
  2. Steering issue

    Honda Rancher
    I recently bought a 2007 Honda rancher 420 4x4 everything is good on it except for the front plastics and the front steering because of a wreck that they had gotten into. The welded the front right A-arm bracket onto the frame. I guess because they had bent it beyond repair. But with that being...
  3. Fresh battery, good fuses, but no power???

    Honda FourTrax
    So I've been having electrical trouble with this Foutrax 300FW and the regulator is bad. We've gone through 3 batteries in the course of a year, and just yesterday, the last one died. We went to pick up a new one, plugged it in, but when i turn the key, there is NO power to the lights or neutral...
  4. 89 300 fourtrax CV shafts

    Honda FourTrax
    Hello! I decided to revive my grandfathers 89 300 4x4, as I was digging into it I realized my CV shafts are both gone bad at the joints. Called Honda they told me $700 a side for new shafts. Anyone know where I can get reliable aftermarket ones online?
  5. 450 Oil Cooler for 300

    Honda TRX
    So for a background, I've got a 2000 Fourtrax 300FW, and I wanna know if the oil cooler from the 450's oil lines will fit onto the Fourtrax's oil lines. I think it would be a good idea to install an oil cooler since I am planning on doing some performance mods. The eBay listing I saw for the 450...
  6. old TRX350 no start

    Repair & Maintenance
    Morning folks - Need some help with this one. . . . Got a '92 honda TRX350 (yes, I'm in Canada LOL). I understand they are the same as the '89. we got the bike not running, with the charge wires from the stator melted. I replaced the stator with a used one out of an 88. Bike started right up...
  7. 2006 350FM A front differential rebuild

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hey, I recently took apart my front differential for some preventative maintenance. Earlier this year my axle seal for the left side went out and while that seal was bad some water got into the front diff. I know that water got in there because I did a oil change and the oil that came out was...
  8. 86 trx 350 wont start

    ATV General Discussion
    i have an 86 trx 350 4x4 that i got for $500. I flip atvs for a hobby. im a polaris guy, but got this as part of a deal. atv had sat for a long while outside. it had no spark when i bought it but after going through the wiring harness, i got spark and it fired up. (plenty of connection...
  9. 2003 Honda Foreman 450cc, 4x4...need an offer to give the guy

    ATV Purchasing and Price
    I want to buy a decent four-wheeler for going riding, mudding, etc. Some guy has a 2003 Honda Foreman 450cc, 4x4 shaft driven...not the best cosmetic condition, some peeling of decals and is snorkeled out though. Not sure if these means its been bogged out before or not though. He...
  10. Northern Kentucky

    Places to Ride
    Here is some info about a new place to ride: Bills 491 OffRoad 2342 U.S. 491 Demossville, KY 41033 Phone: 859-640-3911 Web Address: Bills491Offroad Email: [email protected] Everyone is welcome at Bills 491 OffRoad. The trails have all types of terrain including open fields...
  11. 350 rancher 4x4 disconect

    ATV General Discussion
    my son has a '03 honda rancher 350,it's a 4 wheel drive,and he is wanting a disconnect to make it so that he can switch it from 2x4 to 4x4.he was wanting to know if its worth it and how well it does. thnx! :)