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  1. ATV Purchasing and Price
    Looking to get my first atv. Someone I know who does a lot of buy sell trade has a 99 450 up that he got in a trade from a buddy of his who said it ran before being parked and something about the throttle being hot and it has a China carb on it and a dead battery. He’s not sure of the mileage...
  2. Honda TRX
    So for a background, I've got a 2000 Fourtrax 300FW, and I wanna know if the oil cooler from the 450's oil lines will fit onto the Fourtrax's oil lines. I think it would be a good idea to install an oil cooler since I am planning on doing some performance mods. The eBay listing I saw for the 450...
  3. Repair & Maintenance
    I have a 450 formsn and the rear 30mm axle nut is stuck on and iv tried breaker bars, long metal poles, impact and the damn thing wont budge. What els should i try? I dont have a big enough torch to heat it up either and it was supposed to go into the shop for them to finally deal with it...
  4. ATV Parts for Sale
    I am looking for a "display" that will fit a 04 450 Foreman. It is the speedometer, oil light, 4x4 indicator etc. "Display Panel". Please let me know if anyone has one for sale via Private Message. Thank-you.
  5. ATV Purchasing and Price
    I want to buy a decent four-wheeler for going riding, mudding, etc. Some guy has a 2003 Honda Foreman 450cc, 4x4 shaft driven...not the best cosmetic condition, some peeling of decals and is snorkeled out though. Not sure if these means its been bogged out before or not though. He...
1-5 of 5 Results