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  1. 1987 TRX350D

    Honda FourTrax
    Hey y'all new to the forums. I have read so many of these I know my problem I just cannot find a solution. And if at all possible I need this item Literally ASAP. I am supposed to have this bike running by this Sunday. Anyhow, 1987 TRX350D CDI box I have called everyone and everyone says...
  2. Timing? Valves? Crank? 350A Solved

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hello i have a 1986 Honda Fourtrax Foreman 350A i just recently bought a new carb for it from a atc 350x works good but atv just constantly blows gas and air out the back of the carb i tried to adjust the valves to stock specs 0.08 0.003 on intake and exhuast on the compression stroke on TDC i...
  3. 1987 350d

    Performance Modifications
    So I got a 1987 350d I’ve rebuilt the carb multiple times. Even tried a different carb. I have snorkels so I know I need bigger jets. But what size should I get since there’s a big variety?
  4. Honda Fourtrax 350d 1986

    Honda FourTrax
    Hello i am having a issue with the carb on my 1986 honda 350d when i try to adjust the idle screw it seems like the throttle is almost half way open to get it to idle properly i have cleaned the whole carb and replaced the air fuel mixture screw seal when i start it up i have to give it about...