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  1. 250EX TOP SPEED - GPS TEST (video)

    ATV Media
    Hello friends, My riding buddy David picked up this 2007 TRX250EX for $1350 and spent a day fixing it up, tuning it up, and we took it out to play for a few minutes. It's a blast! Here's the GPS-verified top speed of the beast...
  2. Works Suspension Color Choice

    Honda TRX
    I'm in the process of building a 1992 250x and just had an older set of Works triple rate shocks rebuilt. I'm now in the process of powder coating the springs and wanted the Honda communities opinion on what color the springs should be. The frame of the bike is orange and pretty much everything...
  3. 1992 Honda Trx250x Sprockets

    Repair & Maintenance
    Ok, i was riding the other day and i heard a clicking noise in my front sprocket and didnt know hwat it was. so i took the chain off to look at it and it seemed loose. i dont know if its suppose to move back and forth like that, could somebody please tell me whats wrong? do i needa new front...
  4. A few questions about modding a 250x

    Performance Modifications
    i have an 87 250x with a DG exhaust on it, the pipe was there when i bought the quad so i have no idea what jets are in it but its dialed in very well, i was considering a new UNI air filter... if i put this on with airbox lid vents will i need to do some carb work? also i was wondering about...
  5. Hi everyone Long time no see. 87 trx250x

    ATV General Discussion
    So i havent been on for a while due to being so busy. How is everyone? Im looking for a lighting and engine switch for my 250, part number i believe is 35200-hc0-010. thats what i got off of Theyre asking 85 bucks and im lookin for a little cheaper. If anyone can help...
  6. 1991 Honda 250x Jetting

    Repair & Maintenance
    Ok, I have a 1991 honda 250x, and i have a cobra megaphone exhaust pipe on it, with a k&N air filter, and it has stock jets in the carb. Now i was wondering what kind of jets to run with it because of the pipe and air filter. And also, it is running rich with th stock jets too...
  7. 1987 250X Carburetor Problems?

    Honda TRX
    Hello everybody. I recently purchased a 1987 Honda 250X FourTrax. It had been sitting for a year or two before I bought it and thus would not idle properly, so I cleaned and rebuilt the carburetor. Now, it stays running at idle but has these problems: 1. the RPMs vary up and down more than I...
  8. 1987 Honda TRX250x No spark

    ATV General Discussion
    I think i saw something on here about it may be in reverse and that is why it doesnt spark when i kick it. Well i need some suggestions or pointed in the right direction of how to fix this problem. I appreciate your help and if you need anything from me ask away.
  9. 300ex cam replacement

    Repair & Maintenance
    Ok heres the deal i faught with my valves for a long time and finally got frustrated and ripped the valve cover off and saw that the rockers are toast and the cam is fried. Now i got a stage 2 web cam and hardened rockers real cheap and they look perfect. Got the rockers in and thats no big deal...
  10. 300ex valve adjusting problem

    Repair & Maintenance
    K my valves have been giving me hell. They sound like a ticking time bomb and i have adjusted them a bunch of times. I adjust them and by them im talking about the exhaust valves. the other ones sound and are adjusted fine. any ways i adjust them to .004 and they still tap. They arent moving at...
  11. Good paint?

    Honda TRX
    I want to paint the frame on my quad and try to leave the motor on does any one have any advice on how to do it or what paint to use?:icon_ goofy:
  12. 1992 Honda 250x Wiring harness needed badly!!

    ATV Parts for Sale
    Need the full wiring harness for a 1992 Honda 250x fourwheeler or a Honda 350x three wheeler!!!:funnyhonda:
  13. New Help Identifying Quad

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, I have an old Honda 250ex I need to sell, and I was wondering if this community could help me out with a few things. I don't even know what year it is and if in fact it is an EX, other than the 246cm and Honda markings on it. If someone could eyeball it and help me out, or let...