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  1. 250EX TOP SPEED - GPS TEST (video)

    ATV Media
    Hello friends, My riding buddy David picked up this 2007 TRX250EX for $1350 and spent a day fixing it up, tuning it up, and we took it out to play for a few minutes. It's a blast! Here's the GPS-verified top speed of the beast...
  2. What is it????

    ATV General Discussion
    I just acquired a new bike. Looks to be some type of thrown together bike. Has a Kawasaki frame but a Honda engine. Tried looking up the engine number but cannot find out what size it is. Or what it came from. I need to order parts. Any insight would be appreciated. The engine code is tb01e-3040997
  3. Fourtrax 250 - Going through water ?

    Honda FourTrax
    Hi all, Currently have an '08 TRX250TM fourtrax. I have allot of mates with quads such as the fourtrax 250 (and suzuki 250's, 420's etc) that like to do a fair lot of water crossings down the local river. None of us have snorkels or anything like that but i am concerned about several other...
  4. '05 TRX250 Throttle Help

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hi everyone, new to the forum. Have an '05 Recon 250 that will idle fine, but sputters when I get on the throttle - just spits out white smoke in intervals. I tried changing the spark plug, but no go. I checked the choke line, no kinks or wear areas, seems to be moving up and down just fine...
  5. Problem With 87 Trx 250x

    Honda TRX
    HI i have a 87 250x and i noticed it had been running funny lately. Now it wont start unless its fully choked, it wont idle at all and it will die if i don't keep the throttle way up... i took of and cleaned the air filter and i also tried adusting the idle screw thing... It worked perfectly...
  6. Help with Atv chain trouble

    Repair & Maintenance
    I have a 1992 trx 250 x. (same as 300ex) I have stock sprockets on it, and I triple checked that to make sure. I bought the stock chain link size per the manual and tons of internet research. This bike calls for 86 links. However, when I try to put it on, it's a half link to short, and yes I...