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  1. 2007 TRX 500 FPE 7

    Honda TRX
    Had this machine 5 years. It has Electric shift manual, power steering and 4wd. Last year It started doing a random double shift in 2nd gear. I took it to a Honda dealer in 2019 and they said they “adjusted” it. Then the random double shifts went to 3rd gear only. Its like it shifts into 3rd but...
  2. Steering issue

    Honda Rancher
    I recently bought a 2007 Honda rancher 420 4x4 everything is good on it except for the front plastics and the front steering because of a wreck that they had gotten into. The welded the front right A-arm bracket onto the frame. I guess because they had bent it beyond repair. But with that being...
  3. 2007 rancher carb problem.. lookin for some advice

    Honda Rancher
    so i have this 2007 rancher that would not start it would crank and not fire.. i sprayed some starting fluid and it would fire right up. I took the carb apart and soaked it and cleaned it then put it back on and it idles perfectly now but there is a problem when i try to give it throttle. It...