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  1. Leaking output shaft 350 fourtrax

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hey guys probably a dumb question but I had a problem with my starter gear and one way bearing so I replaced it put the new gasket on and left the drive shaft out rode it around and now oil is leaking everywhere from the output shaft is it because I don’t have the drive line in?
  2. stalling 1986 honda atc 125m

    Repair & Maintenance
    Got my old three wheeler out and running again but when it gets warmed up it will stall out and not start back up till after a minute or two any ideas as to what could be going on would be great thanks I have rebuilt the carburetor and checked fuel flow spark and that is not loosing spark...
  3. 86 trx 350 wont start

    ATV General Discussion
    i have an 86 trx 350 4x4 that i got for $500. I flip atvs for a hobby. im a polaris guy, but got this as part of a deal. atv had sat for a long while outside. it had no spark when i bought it but after going through the wiring harness, i got spark and it fired up. (plenty of connection...
  4. 1986 fourtrax 350 carb rebuild issues

    Honda FourTrax
    i recently tore down, soaked, and rebuilt my carb. after reinstalling, it was flooding horribly. after changing out all the new carb guts back to the old ones and still getting the same result, we pulled the choke mechanism out of the carb and now it idles fine (a little high) but it idles...