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Rancher TRX350FM
Olive green
Long story but here goes...Bought her new back in 2002. I parked her in the barn around 2009, due to the carb overflowing with gas. Never pulled it apart to make the simple repair. 6-7 yrs later, she was still there on 4 flat tires and rotting away. A friend kept asking to buy her, so after a yr or so, I sold her to him around 2014-2015. He emptied the old gas and put in fresh fuel, cleaned the spark plug and pulled the starter cord. She fired up on the first pull! He rebuilt the carb, put in a new battery and changed the fluids, and ran her for about 4-5 yrs, with the original tires still holding air. LOL He asked if I wanted to buy her back, but I didn't have a use for her. FFWD a few months and I called asking about buying her back for my new deer lease, but he said that he'd sold her. FFWD a few more months and I jokingly sent him a text stating that "I sure wish I had that 4wheeler back!" He quickly replied asking if I wanted to buy her back, because his friend wanted to sell her!! I went to see what kind of condition she was in, not that she was in good condition when I let her go. She ran decent(carb needs cleaning or rebuild), and she had ZERO braking ability. A couple weeks later, all brakes are functioning again, new plastic is in and carb kit is on the way.
2002 Honda Rancher TRX350FM (Olive green)
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