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big red
I bought this 1986 Honda 250es brand new in 1986 when rapid sports center was having a sale on them the last year in production...2199.00 was the price and they were selling the last remaining 5 they had for 1399.00 with front and rear racks...the following year they were deemed an unsafe 3 wheeler due to kids riding in the woods at 25 mph and hitting a tree and were injured or killed...Honda was forced to take it off the market due to pressure..yes tippy but not unsafe ifyou know how to ride...I head never rolled mine in the 32 years I have owned it..but I only have 118 miles on this beauty...yes only 118 miles I used it about 5 times a year to drag a deer out and ride a few logging roads...I thought to myself this is going to be a lemon or a collector piece...they did not become popular till the 90's when people wanted them...I am glad I own one...probably the nicest in the 48 states..i could be wrong but I know it has the least miles of anyone that I am aware might be for sale for the right price..i need a sxs at my age...Honda 1000-5 I am thinking...
1986 honda big red (red)



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