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  1. 1985 TRX 250 High Idle

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hey all, My 1985 TRX250 has been idling very high lately. When I got it a few months ago (summer time) it only idled sort of high on initial start-up after it hadn't ran in a few weeks. Now its been idling pretty loudly and pretty high on all start ups and while in neutral. The idle will drop a...
  2. 1986 TRX 250 Starter Solenoid Location

    ATV General Discussion
    I'm new to working on ATVs's and I was wondering if anyone could point me to where the starter solenoid is located on a 1985-1987 TRX 250? I haven't looked much as I am away from the Honda at school. Thanks in advance!
  3. 1985-1987 TRX 250 Parts

    Repair & Maintenance
    Anyone know where I could get an OEM starter solenoid for a 85-87 TRX 250? Having trouble finding an OEM one locally. Maybe online?
  4. Honda TRX250 Electric Start Issue

    Honda FourTrax
    Thank you! I appreciate the help
  5. Honda TRX250 Electric Start Issue

    Honda FourTrax
    I have a 1985 Honda TRX250 FourTrax. I accidentally left the key on over night and for the whole day. I went to start the Honda and it started fine. I turned it off and on at least 3 times. On the 4th time I turned the Honda on and the starter stayed on. I turned the four wheeler off and the...
1-5 of 5 Results