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  1. Electrical Power Died Under Power Lines

    Repair & Maintenance
    NO clue I grew up living next to power lines, never an issue, then or not , ride under them all the time here too, from the BIG high power metal poles to them tri towers, to huge wooden poles so say 40+ yrs of riding atv, snowmobiles motorcycles, trucks, tractors, equipment , and never an...
  2. Electric Face Shield

    Honda ATV News
    there are ton sof links, LOL heated helmet shields are found in snowmobiles for the past 20+ yrs and many even use them on street bikes in cold weather, they prevent the shield from fogging up they DON:"T actually make any real heat to warm your face or likes however! here is a link to some...
  3. Electric Face Shield

    Honda ATV News
    also, I personally like to have the connection up on the center of handle bars area too, need enough slack to move and able to turn bars without things catching,
  4. Electric Face Shield

    Honda ATV News
    if your talking about adding a power source for a heated helmet(face shield) then yes I have added dozens of them to snowmobiles over the yrs, but never to an atv, but things would just be the same there are MANY ways you can do this! all you need is a heated shield install kit, you simply...
  5. pionner 700-4 using oil

    Honda Pioneer
    has the motor ever been sunk, do others drive it besides you? that might have and NOT told you a GOOD working motor will NOT be using oil on you, something is wrong I agree if under warranty., get it back to a dealer ASAP if NOT under warranty, I would do a compression test on it, and see...
  6. Where to buy a battery / changing battery

    Repair & Maintenance
    OK a battery disconnect is something you can buy they come in many shapes forms and prices, here is a cheap one or like this...
  7. Where to buy a battery / changing battery

    Repair & Maintenance
    first of welcome to the site as for battery, I stick to brand name battery's and AGM batterys too, they come pre charged, but can be stuck on a tender to top off NEXT and this will be a problem for you, ALL modern atv's draw power when parked, so if the atv sits often and is NOT on a tender...
  8. Suggested oil?

    Repair & Maintenance
    the weight of the oil sort of comes down to the AIR temps in which you RUN the motor in all manuals I know if list TWO different oil weights to pick from based on TEMPOS the machine will be used in GOOD Modern oil however has a REAL wide range of temps it can protect in! its NOT the 70's...
  9. Too short of a summer

    ATV General Discussion
    well here in PA no better, was 77 yesterday , tornado warnings , super high winds and about 2-1/2 inches of rain in a few hours, and now 38 and dropping! lots of folks here with NO power this morning, and tree's down blocking roadways!
  10. Rear tires 24x10x11

    Honda ATV News
    YES you will need new wheels, as the 11 inch wheels you have now, will NOT hold a 12 inch diameter tire and also, you DO know your going to notice a bunch of power loss going from a 24 inch tall tire to a 27 inch tall tire that is also heavier as well as taller and slightly wider!! and keep...
  11. new grips on handlebars

    Repair & Maintenance
    safety wire been used for decades, BUT it can also cut into grips and or leave pointed ends, which can be NOT so fun if you hit them JUST so right LOL grip glue works, and its cheap , but bars HAVE to be clean for it to work right as with most other things, even safety wire, if bars are slick...
  12. new grips on handlebars

    Repair & Maintenance
    that's why I suggested using actual GRIP GLUE made to hold grips on! OR go to a grip that clamps on like I posted!
  13. honda and the handi cap!

    ATV General Discussion
    I just seen this and thought I would post since i know over the yrs there has been some topic's on getting atv's or SXS's for those with disabilities, and it seems now honda is working with having hand controls and such as options on some models here is a link to some info, maybe can help some...
  14. Too short of a summer

    ATV General Discussion
    was almost 75 here today, and a few days back was 33 still going up and down like a YO YO on temps here on bright side, tree's have a lot of real nice colors this yr, but even that is off, as many tree's shed there ;eaves a month ago some are in full color and some are still very green seems...
  15. Need help with fuel line

    Honda FourTrax
    is it a aftermarket carb? is so, might be your issue! most are JUNK
  16. Honda

    Honda ATV News
    yes could be a bad CDI/ecu how many miles and hours on the motor, any mods to it? have you checked compression on it?
  17. 2019 Foreman

    New Member Introductions
    welcome to the site and congrats on the new ATV
  18. Too short of a summer

    ATV General Discussion
    I'm in same boat LOL things here have been flooding a few times a yr over the rare now and then decade or so, then droughts, its all extremes, , went like 5+ months here this yr with rain every 40 hours and many of them rainfalls were 2-3+ inches of rain, and like a switch,m it stopped and no...
  19. Honda

    Honda ATV News
    before cleaning carb, did you make sure things up stream are good like clean fuel tank, peacock, fuel line, fuel filter, is FUEL fresh and good as if NOT, cleaning carb might have been a waste of time modern ethanol fuel can go bad in a few weeks, so if this atv sits often (and you didn;t...
  20. Too short of a summer

    ATV General Discussion
    I sure believe there are no shortage of possible causes and most are ALL guessing ain;t no one been alive all them yrs back, that so many claim, these shifts, changes happened its all hypothetical idea's someone has if history has taught me anything about what MOST scientist predictions as...
1-20 of 198 Results