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  1. We Are Live - Community Feedback Thread

    Community Help
    I'll add... New members may be coming, but no faster than belfr the change. One thing that is apparent, the lack of daily activity, 9 members active on average! That's POOR, very poor indeed!
  2. We Are Live - Community Feedback Thread

    Community Help
    Influx in new members however, no existing members with the knowledge to answers those questions.. Now, if we deleted all our informative posts, wouldn't you just be screwed!! You shafted us regular members as well as the forum in the quest for more money. It's a real shame you choose to...
  3. 14% gr on a 2000 foreman 450es

    Gear Reductions
    Absolutely spot on đź‘Ť Always worth measuring though, some reductions have the thickness of the washer machined off the face of the gear rather than a recess.
  4. 14% gr on a 2000 foreman 450es

    Gear Reductions
    The only thing that determines whether to use a washer or not is the length of the primary compared to the stock item and the length of the clutch basket. By length I mean the distance between the inner side and outer side of both gears, where it fits over the shaft. If it's the same then use...
  5. 1998 Honda TRX300FW Fourtrax Full Refurbish Project

    Honda FourTrax
    Seems I've replied to this already! I'd have edited the post but haven't figured out how to, nor do I have time to find out how to since the site took a change for the worse!
  6. 1998 Honda TRX300FW Fourtrax Full Refurbish Project

    Honda FourTrax
    Yes, sikaflex polyurethane adhesive sealant is the same product, just our British equivalent :-)
  7. Rolled, Rescued, Now to Repair

    Repair & Maintenance
    Your on the right track, it's a lengthy process sometimes, a process of elimination. Testing continuity means making sure there are no breaks in a wire. Some multimeters have a continuity setting and will make a beep if the wire is good. If yours doesn't have that then select the 'ohms'...
  8. Rolled, Rescued, Now to Repair

    Repair & Maintenance
    No neutral light, no start! Take the kill switch apart, I can't remember if it's a closed or open circuit when OFF. You'll see as soon as you open the casing up. Just bridge the switch and try it, it won't do any harm. You should have two sensors by the neutral sensor, I'm pretty sure their...
  9. 1998 Honda TRX300FW Fourtrax Full Refurbish Project

    Honda FourTrax
    Turbo and BZ... The 3M5200 fish speaks of is known as sikaflex polyurethane adhesive sealant over here ;-) It's very good stuff indeed.
  10. Need help ASAP

    Wheels & Tires
    On hard or moderately muddy conditions yes, in deep cloggy peanut butter mud, NO!! To use in any condition don't go larger than a 26" tire unless you have a GR.
  11. Air-box has liquid in the bottom

    ATV General Discussion
  12. Just trying out the new format.

    Around The Garage
    As far as I'm aware I cannot see conversations between members. I do know that Admin can though, even if they say they can't, they can! Maybe they don't know it yet, maybe they are telling lies... I'll just leave that there folks ;-)
  13. What a mess!!

    Community Help
    I'll add here so all know.. I've PM'd Admin asking all the questions we all want to know, I did this about 2/3 hours ago.. Still no reply?! To be upkeeping with forum rules and with old my role as a Mod I won't be able to share details of the response unless cleared by admin, just thought I'd...
  14. What a mess!!

    Community Help
    It amazes me that they don't care who they annoy, it's us Mods that keep the peace and take the time to research for members having issues. Not saying members don't take time to assist others but as far as I'm concerned I feel obliged to give accurate, honest and immediate answers to members who...
  15. What a mess!!

    Community Help
    If the forum was in the best interest of the members this thread would still be open. Admin, you should open it back up and listen to the members, members keep the forum alive, they bring in your pay check!!!
  16. Not shifting 2016 500 foreman foot shift

    Honda ATV Schematics / Manual Help
    Something is not fitted correctly, have you got a factory service manual?
  17. 2007 Rincon Won't start...........

    Repair & Maintenance
    I must add here.. AVOID eBay and Amazon (China knock off) parts, they will mask your issue or make matters worse. Buy OEM, known good brand or used OEM from PSN ( :-)
  18. Hondamatic reverse issue

    Honda Rancher
    Have you changed the angle sensor to confirm its not the issue? You could try swapping the ECU also. (Be sure to use known good brand, OEM or used OEM only, avoid China, eBay &Amazon parts like the plague!) Have you cleaned all electronic connections (plugs)? Very often you'll find mud amd/or...
  19. 1998 Honda TRX300FW Fourtrax Full Refurbish Project

    Honda FourTrax
    I have boat loads of parts here in the UK, I did mention this to turbo a while back. If your in need let me know, shipping will be considerably cheaper and quicker. I don't have a 300 anymore so small parts you can have for the cost of shipping. Anything that is worth putting on eBay (that...
  20. Who prefers the new forum layout?

    Honda ATV Polls
    I had a rough day today fish but your reply made me chuckle :-) Maybe Wilson needs a 30amp fuse, that 10 is going to blow soon haha I'm only kidding Wilson :-)
1-20 of 187 Results