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  1. [86 FourTrax] Plastic Restoration Project!

    Honda FourTrax
    I used Gorilla Glue. Something like E6000 would work as well Sent from my Moto E (4) using Tapatalk
  2. 86-89 Front Plastic Mount point reinforcements

    ATV Parts for Sale
    @howols Since you can't pm, shoot me an email: [email protected]
  3. [86 FourTrax] Plastic Restoration Project!

    Honda FourTrax
    Thanks for the ping! I still have the plastics-- shoot me an email at [email protected] com and we'll talk
  4. how to bleed your brakes !

    Brakes & Suspension
    Removed that castle and the red circled bolt. Didn't remove any from the back of the drum. The 'hub cover' I'm talking about is I guess called the "brake drum" in this picture.
  5. how to bleed your brakes !

    Brakes & Suspension
    Reading the manual, it seems like the hub cover should come off after castle nut removal. Mine doesn't budge at all. Any tips?
  6. how to bleed your brakes !

    Brakes & Suspension
    I've bled my brakes as good as I know how. I still have to pump the handle about 2-3 times before I get pressure, but that may be acceptable to me! Using some vice grips on the right side, right where it turns from metal back into rubber near the hub, I get firm pressure immediately. So, I...
  7. We need the members input !

    Around The Garage
    I have no opinion! 'Bad' words are everywhere on the internet, and I don't get offended by them. I don't usually curse on here, but if I do feel free to make any edits you see fit. That won't offend me either! What about Butt?
  8. New Member with a TRX350D

    Honda FourTrax
    We need some more pics of the finished bike!!
  9. July 2018 - Honda ATV of the Month Voting!

    ATV of the Month Contest!
    Had to vote for Goober for those clean rims! Maybe I'll get some votes next month XD
  10. FREE engine and frame - 1988 Foreman 350

    ATV Parts for Sale
    Bump! I don't want to have to take this to the dump!
  11. TRX350D fuel consumption question

    Honda FourTrax
    Here I was thinking the mini drill press looked handy!!
  12. LED upgrade ?

    Honda FourTrax
  13. 1986 Fourtrax 350 - Fix and Ride

    Builds, Projects & DIY
    Few more things left to do. Pulled the plug after my ride, I am running a bit rich. Front tires have no air 0_0 Cooling fan never activated while riding. The oil temp light never came on either, so I don't think it overheated, but I would think the fan should have come on after some of the...
  14. 1986 Fourtrax 350 - Fix and Ride

    Builds, Projects & DIY
    I have a little play in my handlebars-- just a centimeter or two. Top steering bearing probably needs replaced, I'm thinking. How imperative is that? Small bearing jobs like this are usually a pain in the arse. If it's not likely to seize up on me before getting worse, I'll ride it a few...
  15. Left Handlebar Bracket

    Brakes & Suspension
    Manual impact driver is a great tool to have, especially on older bikes. I can see this being hard to use it on though, as the bars will flex with the impact. I usualy opt for dremel-ing a big notch in the head and using my largest flathead for max leverage. Cutting it off is fine as long as...
  16. 1986 Fourtrax 350 - Fix and Ride

    Builds, Projects & DIY
    ✔️ Fix ✔️ Ride
  17. 1986 Fourtrax 350 - Fix and Ride

    Builds, Projects & DIY
    I was finally able to take it on a trail yesterday, and had a blast! Actually, I had taken it to a trail on Saturday, and couldn't get the thing to start!! That was frustrating-- turned out to be a fouled spark plug, probably from numerous start-stops of playing and getting it onto the...
  18. Submit your ATV - July 2018 - Honda ATV of the Month Contest!

    ATV of the Month Contest!
    1986 TRX350 FourTrax Build Thread Hondaline front & Rear racks Hondaline storage box Plastic gas tank upgrade Headlight and plastics from donor 1988 model Ocelot P350 tires 4x LED front bumper lights Bought it as a non-runner, sorted out the fuel flow issues and she's good as new! Needed a...
  19. Spots in Garage

    Community Help
    LOL! I'm hoping to construct an extra 240 sq ft in my garage... then I can get some more toys to fill up my virtual garage!
  20. 86 TRX 350 only starts once a day?

    Repair & Maintenance
    You can also test by checking to see if there's fuel in the carb bowl after it dies. I am making an assumption that it dies on you while riding, and it won't ride all day as long as you don't turn it off.
1-20 of 132 Results