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  1. Sub air cleaner maintenance

    Repair & Maintenance
    The question was, do you think it should be oiled?
  2. Sub air cleaner maintenance

    Repair & Maintenance
    This was actually for the newer addition to the family. 2009 TRX 90. I looked in the owners manual and the process did not list oiling the foam filter, just a thorough clean, dry and reinstall. The little tubular filter located in the rear of the box that is supposed to send clean air to assist...
  3. Sub air cleaner maintenance

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hey Everyone, Does anyone have any suggestions or opinions about oiling the sub air cleaner when I maintain and oil my foam air filter? Seems like a good idea in theory, but I read that this supplies air to exhaust chamber when needed. Would the oil restrict this? Neither the service manual...
  4. Which carb do I need?

    Honda TRX
    You guys are very helpful, thanks. Carb came off last night and the chambers all looked clean. I disassembled the major components without removing any needles, jets or adjustment screws. The filter screen was clean. The fiber gasket is really stuck to the manifold cover and carb. How can I...
  5. Which carb do I need?

    Honda TRX
    By the way, it really only starts when choke is fully engaged, but only idles when choke is off. Hesitation when I slowly engage the throttle, and dies out when I really hit the throttle.
  6. Which carb do I need?

    Honda TRX
    Hey everybody! I just picked up a 2009 trx90 for my son's upgrade. This trx sat for 2 years and I'm preparing a thorough cleaning of the carb and fuel lines. I am considering a new one vs a cleaning, I'm worried, as I'm new to tinkering with carbs, I'm not afraid to mess up or lose pieces, I...
  7. Service Manual Downloads

    Honda ATV Schematics / Manual Help
    Thank you!
  8. Widening kit

    Honda TRX I dont know how to add a link, just a copy and paste. Slammed Ranger is correct, but it appears they come with tie rod extenders, nothing...
  9. Widening kit

    Honda TRX
    He all! I'm pretty sure I don't need one, but would like a wider stance for looks and improving slides around corners. I have outgrown this quad and want to push it until budget allows for a machine upgrade. It is kind of bouncy now and wondered about your thoughts A company called Diamond J...
  10. 2017 TRX 250x Ticking

    Honda TRX
    Dealer said the ticking was normal, if it stops, bring it in because something is wrong. After first service, valves were all oak. Thanks for all your feedback
  11. 2017 TRX 250x Ticking

    Honda TRX
    Hi everyone! I just purchased a '17 Trx 250x about 2 months ago. I am really starting to get familiar with the machine and after the excitement from the purchase has worn out but the passion is alive, I m riding her like I stole her. I rode hard for about an hour today and began noticing a...
  12. Boot sizing

    ATV General Discussion
    I am looking to purchase a pair of motocross boots. I wear a 13 or 14 shoe and work boot. I have tried to visit many shops to try on a pair in mysize and the largest size has been 13, too small. so, if everyone is willing to order them, and no one will take them back on return, how am i supposed...
  13. New member from Northern Il

    New Member Introductions
    Hey all! New member from northern Chicagoland. I just purchased my first quad 2 months ago, TRX 250x. I am usually a two wheel kind of guy, but didn`t realize how fun an atv can be! Being a family man with small kids, an atv offers a bit more versatility when it comes down to including...
1-13 of 13 Results