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  1. 1987 Honda Fourtrax

    Repair & Maintenance
    Yep, 85, 86 & 87 were fourtrax 125s as far as I'm aware. I'm based in the UK and the 86 & 87 models I had were both electric and kick start, both used the same switches.
  2. Our new arrival...

    Around The Garage
    To those who knew of our expectance, our baby boy (Arthur) has now arrived..!! Both mother and baby are very well and were all settling in at home. Thanks to all who already sent us best wishes and regards.
  3. 2003 trx400ex bogging issue

    Honda TRX
    If the top end has good compression then go with it, it works. OEM timing chain or DID are best, the chain won't change with the cam.
  4. 2003 trx400ex bogging issue

    Honda TRX
    The words Newc carb and cheap don't go well at all.. Sounds Chinese to me especially as you mention a backfire.. you need to rebuild the OEM carb and fit it for optimum performance. You should also replace the timing chain, doing a top end build and using the old chain is a real half ass job!
  5. Tie Rod Adjustments

    Brakes & Suspension
    Seriously, youve got to be kidding us right?!! Turn them and find out for Christ sake, it's pretty obvious!!
  6. Manufacturers Wheel Alignment Specifications for a1998 Honda 300 Fourtrax.

    Honda FourTrax
    IIRC it works out to 2 1/2 turns 'in' either side.. Toe in.. ;-)
  7. 420 Rancher dead starter

    Repair & Maintenance
    First say 'it died'..! Why, how, what were the symptoms prior to it dying? Secondly... What brand battery did you fit as a replacement? Worthy mentions... Did you clean and confirm all grounds (earth's) were good? Have you confirmed all connections within the starter harness are...
  8. 2015 TRX500 carb trouble

    Repair & Maintenance
    I think 07 was the change over from carb to throttle body, that's from memory though, don't hold me to that lol.. Shadetree is right though... Everything you've stated is physically impossible if your foreman has a throttle body. I'm inclined to say yours is an early foreman with a carb...
  9. Top speed issue on 03 400ex

    Honda TRX
    What gear ratio (sprockets/chain wheels) were fitted? Semi illiterate posts really don't help us, sorry to be rude!
  10. 2003 trx400ex bogging issue

    Honda TRX
    Leave the floats as they are, don't touch a thing..!! Start with the simple things first.. First off, tell us what you know about the ATV, top end build for example.. is it a big bore mod? Is the exhaust stock or aftermarket? How about the inlet... Is it modded? Is there a aftermarket CDI...
  11. Atc 200e tire recommendations?

    Wheels & Tires
    Don't rule out bear claws, tread depth isn't the greatest but they're a damn good all rounder for sure.
  12. Need help for carb, won’t idle

    Honda TRX
    First off, ensure the tank is clean and that the inline filter is doing it's job. Be sure there is sufficient fuel flow and no leaks. Secondly.. 95% of eBay carb rebuild kits are China knock offs and fail immediately. Spend the money and buy a known good brand or OEM. If it won't idle it's...
  13. Atc 200e tire recommendations?

    Wheels & Tires
    Any tire in stock size will be very close in weight.. Weight increases with diameter usually, avoid large mud tires and you won't go far wrong.
  14. Need help for carb, won’t idle

    Honda TRX
    Did you clean the fuel tank and install an inline fuel filter after cleaning the carb? Did you clean the carb or overhaul it with a rebuild kit? If a rebuild kit was used, which brand? Is the gas fresh? How does the spark plug look, is it new?
  15. 2013 Honda 420 ES won't shift

    New Member Introductions
    Checked the shift change switch itself? If not it's certainly worthy of inspection before digging deeper. Admittedly, it sounds internal but there's always the possibility that it's a connection issue within the switch itself.
  16. 2014 Honda Foreman footshift

    Repair & Maintenance
    Could have dropped a cell whilst in use, it's a possibility for sure. Bad ground, live wires shorting, water/moisture in electrical connections....
  17. 87 fourtrax 250 utility tie rods

    Repair & Maintenance
    I'm pretty sure there the same, I have several I can lay out against a rule tomorrow and upload a pic :-)
  18. 300 fourtrax turns over but won't start....

    Honda FourTrax
    Be sure to buy good known brand or OEM, avoid eBay/Amazon junk... It's China shite and more often than none fails from new!
  19. Fl250 odyssey

    ATV General Discussion
    What's that name on top of the cylinder head?
  20. 2019 Honda Rubicon

    Brakes & Suspension
    Personally I'd spend the money and look into 512 progressive shocks, Fox shocks or similar.. From my experience OEM do a job but nothing compared to specialist aftermarket companies.. I went from OEM on my 450 foreman to 512 progressive shocks and I'd never, ever look back..
1-20 of 485 Results