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  1. honda and the handi cap!

    ATV General Discussion
    No offense or disrepsect taken. You guys always are and only want to be helpful. I just thought since it was being made a sticky, might as well get the terminology to represent more of who it actually helps. It's not a politically correct thing at all. But there is something to be said of how...
  2. Alternative to plastic rivets for fender flares/floorboards

    Repair & Maintenance
  3. 01 trx 500 fa rubicon

    Repair & Maintenance
    Install one of these:
  4. Heel toe shifter

    Performance Modifications it's not exact fit for your model, but just to show you some are available.
  5. What I've learned about the Rancher 400FA AT

    Honda Rancher
    Clutch will slip if the oil in there is not spec'd JASO-MA or MA2 or says safe for wet clutches. If in doubt, change it, run it a bit, change it again. But damage could already be done. Or oil could be fine and clutch could just be slipping, and needs to be replaced.
  6. Roaring/ grinding / slipping from front of rancher 400AT 4x4

    Repair & Maintenance
    Welcome. Check oil pressure per the service manual. The hondamatic runs on oil pressure.
  7. Hondamatic reverse issue

    Honda Rancher
    Where are you located? I have an old but good working ECU I've loaned out for diagnostic purposes before. But first, what does the service manual say about ohm's and the angle sensor? I see you took measurements, but what is the acceptable range?
  8. Hondamatic reverse issue

    Honda Rancher
    Welcome aboard. Is the display showing R properly when you shift it into Reverse?
  9. Who prefers the new forum layout?

    Honda ATV Polls
    I'm having zero issues with it whatsoever. It's just different, not worse. Like all new things. I actually find the mobile view to be much more useful than the old mobile view. Can actually see signatures in it now. And if I ever want full mode all I do is go to my Chrome app menu button and...
  10. 2003 rear diff help!!!

    Repair & Maintenance
    You got 3 different Honda part numbers that will work, see item #2: Either buy right from them, or your local dealer, or Rocky Mountain ATV, or just Google any of those 3 part...
  11. 2003 rear diff help!!!

    Repair & Maintenance
    On what model?
  12. DIY Cooling Fan Gizmo

    Builds, Projects & DIY
    Oh I hear you. And have experienced that sort of failure with a seal before, mostly with cars. We'll see, might try to take some things apart myself next week. With all my available helpers going to be focusing on hunting soon, this kind of thing is likely to be put on the "winter list". And...
  13. DIY Cooling Fan Gizmo

    Builds, Projects & DIY
    Thanks for the tips guys. Think I'm going to live with the oil drip this hunting season and tear into it this winter. Once I get something apart it tends to be apart for a while. Hey @retro my headlight connector is back together finally too :nerd
  14. DIY Cooling Fan Gizmo

    Builds, Projects & DIY
    Yep, another one, when it rains it pours! Found the source of the down low leak.... It's coming out this weep hole at the interface of recoil starter on the outside face of the outer crankcase cover, just below the alternator: So that leads me to believe my rear seal under the alternator...
  15. STANDARD valve guides 08 trx250tm

    Honda TRX
    Yep exactly what @retro says. I recently just went through this with my 400AT. And honda's use of the term "oversize" is misleading. The new valve guides you actually get from Honda are the same size on the OD (though you have to heat the head and freeze the guide and still need to drive them...