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  • wheelen ·
    Thanks for the reply! I guess I miss typed on the post lol. Due to not working on these before and limited time to do it (2 young kids) I am hoping to spare time and aggravation!!!! If you could tell me the best place to disconnect the drive shaft from the front end that would be a great help! I don't want to unbolt the 4 bolts from drive shaft to axle and try to pull it if there's a chance I will damage anything ( I probably should just spend some hands on time and figure it out) but again if there's anything I need to watch pulling the front end and separating the drive shaft??? Thanks for your time!
    shadetree ·
    hi, it's alot faster to just remove the whole from swing arm from the frame..remove the brake lines...unbolt the shocks..then just swap out the whole front end. unless the swing arm is bad ?..this is what i would do.
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