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  • Dj300EX ·
    I stopped around Dec, but before I did, I sold like $4000 in Cutco knifes in one month.

    Just found a better steadier job. You have to devote a lot of free time to the Cutco company too. Like they want you in the office every Thursday from 6PM to 9PM, for free. But that is the time you used to call people, and see how the office is doing nationally and regionally. You did do a lot from home for free too.
    Dj300EX ·
    Congrats on the ROTM, I like your pic.

    BTW: I noticed you wanted to put the URL link to your recovery vehicle thread in your signature.

    If you would like it to say "recovery vehicle" in red as a link to it, all you have to do is go into edit your signature, and delete what you got there now, then take the link, and click the icon right below the smiley faces, insert your link into there and press okay, it will come up in your box with half of it highlighted, in the highlighted spot, type "Recovery Vehicle" and save.

    then it will show up as a link that says " Recovery Vehicle" Rather then the URL language.

    Check my signature out for what I mean if you don't get it. but it does drag more people to click the link in your signature to check your build out.
    HondaTinkerer ·
    We had a machine shop cut and shape a 1/4 inch plate steel with a curve in it for the axle tube. Then cut the old bolt tits off and weld it to the same location on the axle tube. We pulled the tube and they used a wirefeed very carefully so as not to warp the tube. I still have a couple quads that this was done to. Will post a pic once the snow melts a little and I can get to them
    amerritt124 ·
    I simply took them apart and cleaned all of the old grease and dirt out of it. Then I filled it in with new grease and put a good dust seal on the inside most part. It took the slack out of it mainly, I'm not sure it made it smoother. I may have said that before, I don't remember haha. Once you get the rubber end cap off there is a large nut that holds the whole arm on. After the nut is off and the whole thing slides off, the dust seal I mentioned is around that edge. It is kind of hard to explain without pictures... I downloaded the service manual off the forum. If you haven't done that, I recommend doing so and looking at what it has for those arms. Hope it helps! Feel free to ask if you have any questions about anything you run into!
    1991honda350 ·
    they are off ebay , some Chinese company they were about 50$ for the set , they are very bright and take almost no power they are led and work good , similar to these 2pcs 27W 12V24V LED Light Flood Square Offroad Trailer SUV ATV UTE High Power | eBay
    ben613 ·
    Oh no! I totally forgot man! I'll try here this week. If it slips my mind again drop me a PM.

    ben613 ·
    Well, I won't have time today...I'll see if I can get them to you by the end of the week.
    Sorry...I'm just going going gone! (BUSY)

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