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  • tomgodd ·
    Sorry to hear that David. I wish the best for all of us. I fear what this country is becoming. We need a serious fix. I still cant believe that POS got a second term. I keep wishing I would wake from this nightmare. My healthcare went up some. I am on a company plan. We employ around 250 to 300 people. I fear the next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    tomgodd ·
    Hey David. I lost your number. I erased my phone data like a bone head. Shoot me a text with your number if u get time
    bubbayates444 ·
    I read on your post that you found a gear reduction for the honda 300. I would like to know where you found it so as I can get one. Thank you

    meanmerc ·
    Hello submarine 300, Your 300 is awesome dude!! Is it possible to get some pics of the mods you've done please, I have a 300 that I want to do this to, snorkels and bigger tires etc.... Thank you
    tomgodd ·
    Nice looking product! I am currently restoring the gun. My Great grandfather gave it to me. My Father has one just like it. I can't wait untill I have it finished.
    tomgodd ·
    Mossberg M46 Target Rifle Mossberg Rifles > Other Bolt Action for sale, gun classifieds or gun auction from SHORE SPORTSMAN. Buy or bid on this Mossberg M46 Target Rifle in the category Mossberg Rifles > Other Bolt Action on GunsAmerica.
    I have this same rifle. I am looking for a modestly priced scope for it. I bought a scope mount for it from Vic Havlin that accepts the weaver style scope mounts. I was wondering what you would suggest. Thanks for the help!
    my64falcon ·
    hey man i was just wondering what exactly you did with the rear brake. i remember you saying something in one of the forums about having removed your rear brake altogether. what all did you take off, leave on, do with the hand brake lever, ect. thanks!
    broncoboyz15 ·
    hey i have a 99 300 4x4 just put a lift on it and was thinking of putting some bigger tires on it i was wondering how much power loss i would have did u notice it when you put the 27s on your quad ?
    maxmyman ·
    Hey, was just curious if you could help me out with a snorkel, i am have no idea what i would need or how to make it / what i need so the bike will run good with it.
    tomgodd ·
    Have you ever been to the track? Its called 800. I am not sure what the road is called. They don't have a hugh selection but they have KTM and they are nasty fast!!!!
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