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  • chopper43 ·
    I just bought a set of 27 inch vampire tires for my 2000 rancher 350 es 4x4. I had to remove the heat shield because the tires were rubbing. Did you have the same problem on your 2001 rancher?
    walrus ·
    Hey slincolnn, how's it hangin, Ya I have a weird problem, air coming back through the carb to the air box, the air box sounds like a muffler. this is driving me crazy. what would make the engine do that. what should I check, I'm the first one to have this problem out here, dealership is about 1000 dollars away, air miles , trying to fix it on my own, Well u have a good day, thanks for the post.
    bobs330 ·
    I dropped it off this morning but the one I thought would be working on it isnt. Oh well, the guys that do this are still good. I see why some people hate the new chevys, the loaner is a 2012 xcab Z71 w/6spd auto and it shifts like a mofo. Im not a fan of that but other wise its a nice truck.
    bobs330 ·
    Ok thanks. I ordered the rebuild kit from, it comes with all the clutches, orings, gaskets, etc. Ill talk to the chevy dealer I used ot work for and see what they would charge to install the parts and then talk to the tranny shop and see whos better, although Id rather take it to the chevy place as I know who will be messing with it, who would do the work, and usually get discounted labor and a free/discount rental car.
    bobs330 ·
    I appreciate the response. After some research, I did notice that there are alot of different reason to cause an issue with an automatic. Now that you mentioned it, sometimes when going from 2nd to 3rd, it does seem to take alittle longer when warm and I can feel something like a shift and then a second or two later, the rpms drop. So that makes me think the tcc. There is a very reputable tranny shop just north of where I work so Ill take it by today and see what they think. I did have truck scanned about 1.5 months ago, one to see if any tranny problems showed up and just to know if anything else would and the only thing that showed was the fuel gauge, I knew about that since its common on these. Ill let you know what they say.
    Burning ·
    Yeah, i am still rebuilding my current 400ex. Hasnt seen the dirt yet since ive had it. And thats one thing on my list. Currently waiting on my bearing carrier and hardware for it.
    Strawky ·
    Yea me too. Yea its pretty simple when you see that, not what I was wanting but at-least I know what the problem is!
    Strawky ·
    Well I finally got the 300 going, I went and picked it up from the shop and gave it a go myself, right off the bat I took the crank case off and noticed that the crankshaft oil seal and clip was missing, after looking everything else over I installed a new seal and clip bolted it back up, first crank I struck oil! Also found my starter problem, bad cdi box, I wouldn't have noticed if it were not for the smoke and sparks coming from it,lol. I'm waiting on a new one right now, other than that its good to go!
    Alfresco ·
    Hello Slincolnn.
    I was just looking at your sig, and see you have a pro circuit T-4 and Uni filter. That's what I have too. My main is a 180 Keihin, and I haven't been into the carb yet, and don't know what the pilot is. I see you are running a 45, how is that working out for you? Do you have many engine mods?
    I've had mine less than 1 year, and haven't had to go inside the engine to find out what is in there yet. I do run it without the air box lid though.
    This is the first visitor message I've done, hope I can find it when you
    Manny ·
    hey slincolnn,
    i was reading up on your thoughts of the new GMC deactivation cylinder issues.
    funny thing is i just purchased a 2008 GMC 1500 with the deactivation cylinder feature. here's my question. when i start it in the morning i get a pretty distinct tick....sounds just like a lifter. i give it about a minute and it goes away. it only does it intermittently. not all the time. do you have any suggestions on what it may be? i'm not too concerned, but it does have 1 year warranty left...should i take it in?
    fastfarmer ·
    Yeah the KFX 450 shocks will work..I think it was DAN on here who had to grind a little notch out to clear the body mounting nut and grind a little off the backside..I had to do the same thing. I'll try to find the post, he had great pictures. it isn't as bad as you think..easy. you will like those shocks sooo much better, I know I do
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