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  • brent ·
    ok so you know what i am doing with my 250r and what i had on it now before i started doing all this stuff to it what it had the 38mm carb and flat track fmf pipe it was a pain to start and it still is a pain to start i have to kick 10 plus times to start it i have good compression clean carb why do you think it is wanting to be a pain to start now and before thanks again if i am asking to many qustions let me know u just seem to know your 250r and that video was cool congrates on all your acomplashments with your atv racing
    brent ·
    sorry to bother u again when i did the starter fluid thing i did try to fire the atv and did a compresion test but when i did the test i got 180 lbs but forgot to open the throttle so i dont know if i real had any compression because i did it wrong but the fuel has been in the atv for 7 years with out being run so i got a carb rebuild kit do u think the reson it would not start could be the fuel witch was black when i drained it or maybe a pluged up carb or dose it raly seem like a compression problem when u try to fire it with the trrottle open it gives u a little bogging sound and when u kick it with no throttle u can hear compression come from the exhust the guy said last time he rode it 7 years ago he ran good
    rich250rracer ·
    I have, but with today's four-strokes, it's even more important to take into consideration piston to valve clearance. If you need to just clean up the gasket surface, I'd say OK, to take enough off to make substantial performance gains requires some calculations and using clay to check clearance.
    Manny ·
    Any particular reason you use brakeclean for testing leaky valves? BTW Thats great information on the xr100's. Its always nice to hear from someone's experience/expertise!
    theron ·
    hey, have you ever seen that guy who has the 1986 atc 250r thats still in the crate? he has every year and model 250 in totally stock condition. its awesome.i have to find the link. his garage is insane. im seriously considering sellling my 400ex for a 250r. i love the 400 but i dont have the storage room for two quads right now.
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