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  1. World Autism Awareness

    Around The Garage
    April is World Autism Awareness Month and April 2nd is Autism Awareness Day. Please don't be ignorant, there is nothing wrong with Autistic people. They don't need to be "fixed". Some of the most brilliant people have Autism. Imagine standing in a room in which you have never been in...
  2. I've got "Shifter Toe"

    ATV General Discussion
    Steel toed boots are going to be the best bet
  3. Need help marking long travel a arms

    Visual & Body Modifications
    I personally would opt against that... I would find a arms that require that length of shock. What about fabbing the LTR arms to the quad?
  4. Avoid atvgalaxy!

    Honda TRX
    ATV Galaxy is a joke. They do not hold parts in inventory. They basically have wholesale cost to all of the parts, you buy from them and they buy from the company who makes it. It took them a week to get it, that is why it took so long for them to ship. So when they told you the first time...
  5. honda 250r wheels and tires

    Honda TRX
    Front tires are 21x7-10 and the rear are 20x10-9 I'm pretty sure they use the same size wheels as the 450R. I would consider the quad stcok with 250R wheels. They are still Honda original equipment.
  6. A lap around the local track

    ATV Media
    I know it is not a Honda but thought I would share. This is my 2012 YFZ450R, watch in HD if you can... Playing around VDR - YouTube
  7. cheap 400ex bumper off ebay*pics*

    Visual & Body Modifications
    Alba closed their doors and reopened under the name Alba Racing. They make all their products in house so they are able to keep pricing down. I have their LT a arms on my 450.
  8. how to i adjust my shocks?

    Brakes & Suspension
    I fixed the pics for you. When using photobucket, insert the "IMG" code into the post
  9. INPUT WANTED! Non-Racing Events?!

    ATV General Discussion
    Moab UTV Rally.
  10. New Member Baja, MX

    New Member Introductions
    I LOVE BAJA. I don't know how many spring times I spent riding out of San Felipe to Puertecitos. I have many tales to tell of Mike's Sky Rancho.
  11. Riding Gear

    ATV General Discussion
    Don't spend a ton on gear that your kids will out grow in a year. As for helmets, you want anything that is DOT/SNELL approved. Every helmet sold is DOT approved. Look at those little peanut shells the street bike guys wear... those are DOT approved. The SNELL is very important. Fox, Thor, and...
  12. elka shock adjustment

    Brakes & Suspension
    Perfectly said, thanks Rich
  13. elka shock adjustment

    Brakes & Suspension
    If your shocks have rebound adjustment(doens't look like they do) there is a small flat head screw at the bottom of the shock below the spring and above the mounting point. Rebound adjust how fast the shock returns to it's normal position after being compressed. There are 2 types of compression...
  14. elka shock adjustment

    Brakes & Suspension
    WHAT??? How does that cause arm pump? Are pump is forearm fatigue caused from the strain of riding for an extended period of time. Muscle tension restricting the flow of blood in the muscles through your forearm and hands.
  15. Just curious ......

    ATV General Discussion
    I'm a racing guy, you won't see any of my machines buried in mud. But I don't question other peoples method of fun. If mud is what you have fun in... so be it. My only answer is because that is their idea of fun.