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  1. Gear display blinking

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hello, This is my first post. I have an 03 , 350 Rancher. The gear display is blinking and will not allow me to change gears. I turned the key off a few times and it reset itself and allowed me to change gears. I was thinking it was the battery so I replaced it. I learned real quick that was not...
  2. squeeky front end?

    Honda Rancher
    *update* I finally got some time to look into the problem , and I found it is the shocks making the noise.
  3. squeeky front end?

    Honda Rancher
    Thanks for all the in put ! Just an update , I havent had time to try any thing yet but I will let yall know the results when I do. I pretty sure mine is a bushing issue . Thanks again everyone
  4. squeeky front end?

    Honda Rancher
    I have a 08 420 4x4 and the front end is squeeky and its driving me crazy! Im pretty sure its just coming from the bushing tho. It only has 101 hours with 114 miles. I only use it for hunting . Any ides to help with this issue. Thank you in advance, and have a Merry Christmas!
  5. 08' 420 advice

    Honda Rancher
    mine is a ( SRA ) , I mostly just trail ride and use it for hunting and making food plots. I was looking at the swamp lite due to the weight of the tire and the swamp lite
  6. 08' 420 advice

    Honda Rancher
    Hello everyone! I have an 08 420 that I just installed a highlifter 2 inch lift on. Im thinking a 26 in. tall tire would fit about right on a 12 in. rim. After the tires are installed im looking at some performance upgrades. So im looking for some advice, THANKS in advance.