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  1. Did something different yesterday!

    Around The Garage
    dude that is soooo awesome. need pics!
  2. Officially ready for summer!! Got the ride all finished. Post pics of your summer rid

    Honda TRX
    My toys.... been out a few times already. havent with the red 250x yet though, still working on things with carb and jetting. have the parts, havent had the time lol. Thanks to MOOSE for the help! :icon_ peace:
  3. Officially ready for summer!! Got the ride all finished. Post pics of your summer rid

    Honda TRX
    I think it stands for Lose to This Ride... lol Moose, you need to post your pics up of your paint jobs you did! they are really nice.
  4. question about rockers

    Repair & Maintenance
    i got the rockers replaced, cam, and cam chain replaced, got the bike running, ripped it up and down the street a few times!! buuut have a carb issue im trying to work out, takes a gagillion kicks to start it, and i think floods out... MOOSE rebuilt a carb for me and sent back, will put it on...
  5. Wheelies

    Honda TRX
    alao can learn by hitting some little whoops/bumps go slow up to it, then hit the gas as you go up it, i been practicing that way, and also your bike needs to be pwerful enough to get up too, and tires not worn out, aaaaand throttle cable not too tight to push. mine is getting stiff so it needs...
  6. stuck chain

    Repair & Maintenance
    hacksaw? lol
  7. plastic repairs

    Visual & Body Modifications
    i too have done the stiches thing, i think looks cool if done with same color as rest of bike, like mine is grey plastics with red parts here and there, so i did red zipties... lol it works and looks pretty cool.
  8. 1992 trx 300 2wd new owner

    New Member Introductions
    i believe he is saying the new wiring harness is in... he is asking if it the run switched needs to be on, i think meaning installed... i do not have the key switch or the run on/off hooked up on either of my bikes, the two wires that go to the run switch are a normally open circuit, when the...
  9. TRX200/250 & rancher part out

    ATV Parts for Sale
    Do you have axle extenders for the 250x? good condition tires?
  10. 1987 trx250x cam chain replacment

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hey. .. I'm pretty sure when the chain gets stretched and the tensioner won't work anymore, it's too far gone to try and make last longer. I'm available to help if you have questions doing it, I changed mine last weekend, just in process of putting all back together. .. tip... air gun and 27mm...
  11. 1987 trx250x cam chain replacment

    Repair & Maintenance
    Not sure what acct, and mcct mean but eager to find out :-) I changed my cam chain today, old one was stretched, it still ran before, but it's a big risk to not change it.
  12. 1991 trx250x Decompression adjustment

    Repair & Maintenance
    But starts so easily now lol... idk.... ain't causing it to mess up so I'm going to not mess with it lol
  13. Hi everyone! Just got my first quad and can't wait to ride!

    New Member Introductions
    From what I heard 87 to 91 250x and 300ex are all the same... and welcome to the forums!
  14. 1991 trx250x Decompression adjustment

    Repair & Maintenance
    So moose? Is mine too much play?
  15. 1987 TRX 350 Problem

    Repair & Maintenance
    This is most likely a carburetor issue. Try adjusting the air/fuel screw, or rebuilding and cleaning carburetor good. Even though it was done a year ago, still after sitting a while seals get eaten. Best bet is to rebuild it, replacing the seals, blowing out the jets, and retuning.