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  • 1991honda350 ·
    snow is NOT melting here we just got another 6 inches and 6 more on the way grrrrrr.... cant ride in that or fish and hunting season isn't until fall....
    1991honda350 ·
    ya i think they only made this bumber and headlight style for a very short window and i got the bike from penticton and i am currently in salmon arm
    shadetree ·
    yes..mine came with the clear lights on the bottom front ( fog lights is what we call them i guess ? )..some models came with the amber lenses. as for the bumpers...mine didn't not have bumpers when i got it. no block heater on mine..of doesn't get that cold down yes..these bikes did come in for the winch mounting plate..i asked warn about this..the company told me they never made any mounting plates for mine..sooooooo..i fabed my's not hard to do at all..right under your front will see two large cross tubes that meet the front bumper/ should be kinda flat..about 8 or 10 inches across.
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