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  • Wheeler13 ·
    Hey Kentco, thanks for getting back with me. I thought the same thing. I took my gas tank and rear plastic off yesterday and by dark I was completely bummed!! Then I went back after it today and was gonna check every last part. As I was taking off the bottom skid plate off, I noticed on the back, bottom of the crank case there was plug , or switch. It looked like the same kind of plug on the bottom left side of the quad that is labeled D,N,R and were connected to the one I found. After looking, the plug I found, it's wire was kinked…like 90 degree kinked. So I doctored it up, plugged it back in and voila!! My gear indicator display was functioning normal and I could hear the control motor kick on when I moved the gear shift. It started right up and sounded fine. But it got dark on me and I had to quit. I'm gonna get back on it tomorrow and start the initial setup process. I'll get back to u tomorrow night and let u know the out come. Keep your fingers crossed. Thanks again
    Wheeler13 ·
    Oh, one more thing…my Rancher still starts and runs fine but when u try to take off its like its in 5th gear and won't go, spitting and sputtering. I mean its like my Rancher don't know what gear to go in, on auto or ESP both. No matter where I move the gear shift to or shift switches, nothing but -- I mean the green N light and the R light comes on when the gear lever position changes but nothing in indicator box. Thanks again
    Wheeler13 ·
    Hey Kentco, I'm stuck again. As u know I needed a new ECM, so I got one and installed it. The manual tells me to do an initial setting procedure. Well when I just turn the key on the gear display showed D,N,R but when I start it the display goes back to blinking -- so I couldn't do the procedure. Did code retrieval and it gave me the 5 code, did the trouble shooting process and everything checks out and says faulty ECM. Well did everything all over again but, this time blinked a code 6. Once again went through T.S. process and again everything checked out, said faulty ECM. I have noticed that when I start it, I don't hear the control motor kick on but it checks out fine. What else can I do? Obviously something's not working that should inform the control motor to kick on. Do u have any ideal what it is? Do u know anyone that's experienced this? Let me know I'll try anything at this point. Thanks again.
    rmscs ·
    Howdy, I noticed you have a Rincon and Rancher AT. I just bought my first ATV (2001 Rancher 350) and I'm enjoying it so much I'm considering a second so my wife/son can come along. The Rincon and Rancher seem to be similar in weight/size. Other than the power and dollars, how do they differ in practice? In particular the transmissions? I appreciate your insight.
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