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  • Big ·
    Hey,jakep53 can you tell me some modification places for a recon? Looking for different places then Rocky Mountain ATV in some places like that but different!
    OuttaAmmo ·
    Dealer said it was a bit old and basically they weren't interested. Probably get 2k for it privately they reckon. I'm going to keep it for that price. Redbook says 3200-3800 privately and funny thing is dealer looked it up in red book but said he couldn't find it :rolleyes:
    So I put a deposit on a 2014 foreman manual with eps. They cost $12k
    OuttaAmmo ·
    Locally in Darwin they cost $199 for 27x9-12 and $225 for 27x11-12

    I didn't want to write that in public on the off chance my honda dealer reads forums. There can't be too many casey's buying 2014 foremans right now lol.
    So, likely order mine on the net and get mildly bent over by a tire shop to install them. Even they will get the sads cause I didn't buy it off them.
    OuttaAmmo ·
    G'day mate. You seem like a knowledgable chap in regards to Hondas :)
    Anyway, just price checking with you before I take my 2001 Foreman S into the dealer for an evaluation for a possible trade in? Sure I could start a thread, but American prices mean nothing to us Aussies so it's be mostly useless. It is in vgc, not a thing wrong with it apart for the LCD screen doesn't work due to the the sun I believe. All the other warning lights and electrics work. Nothing bent. Red plastic a bit faded. Black plastic mostly replaced a year ago.
    What say you? I'm going in tomorrow morning, lol.

    farron ·
    Good morning Jake thanks to you got my 97 300 trx up and running! Posted new thred about my next project to many parts available to let these older models collect dust use to restore old cars enjoying my new restoration projects. Posted on trx start problems page two need someone with knowledge
    about 300 trx's thanks farron
    olblue ·
    I just noticed your profile picture, I have a 1984 trx 200 that I ride all the time. I have had it since 1985 and what a wonderful machine it has been. I will get a pic on here soon!
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