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  • HondaGav ·
    When I was 6 I got my dad to put an add on Kijiji(The local craigslist) for 6 year old mechanic looking for unwanted lawn tractors.
    I had a few tractors come in and I started on them with the help of my dad.

    I started on Moose about 2 years ago, It was going to be like a Gator but progress on it stopped when I found the Gator on Kijiji last March for $600
    The crankcase was split so I got it welded up and put it back together and now it works well.

    I got into it with my dad. He was always handy but never had many engines.

    All my knowledge on 4 wheelers I've picked up from either that Honda TRX200, my bosses Tri Moto which I fixed up or On this Forum.
    Engine knowledge sort of came naturally, Once you know what is in an engine and how it works it begins to be common sense when something stops working. I like fixing Carburetors more though, people are amazed when you get a machine running properly with nothing but compressed air.
    Paff2k16 ·
    Hey just wondering what is moose going to be? And I got to say that John Deere 5 wheeler is sweet. And how did you learn so much about motors and stuff related? I love stuff like that and would love to have that kind of knowledge about engines.

    Hunter Paff
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