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  • Honda420Boy ·
    Hey, Helmut I have a 2008 Honda rancher 420 that's overheating. After about 20 minutes of riding the temp light comes on and the fan runs. Im running straight water in the radiator. Do you think that I need to replace that with pro Honda coolant to solve the problem
    BrophyCreek ·
    Helmet, I see you've helped quote a few people in the past about this ne, so I thought I'd ask you. I've got an 03 Foreman ES. It will not downshift. Shifts up fine, but not back down. I read number of posts about this and first thought I should replace the angle sensor. However, I then saw your reply about the clutch free play adjustment, so thought I'd try that first, after all that's free and easy. I've never done that adjustment before so it was in the same position as when it left the factory. When I followed the procedure I ended up to the looser side, approx 1/8 turn clockwise from where it was. I expected that due to wear I would end up on the tighter side?? Anyway, it seemed to work, when testing it in my shop. I started plowing with it and it seemed fine at first, but after a while it started happening again and got to the point where I couldn't keep plowing as I would get stuck unable to get it into reverse. Your thoughts?
    Deeperinthabush ·
    Visitors with questions,HELMUT no longer comes on the forums..He has not been on here in almost a year now,please direct any inquiries,problems,or questions to the forums mods,or to the general forum section most pertaining to your particular issue...
    kychevyguy ·
    Hey, I've seen several of your posts, and I hope you can help guide me. I posted in the forums, TRX tech section about my TRX 300. The final drive casing broke from the inside. Something blew apart inside and now I'm looking at rebuilding or replacing. I figure it would be cheaper to rebuild, but I dont have a lot of the special tools I'm sure that will be required. Replacing would be easier, but I understand more expensive. Do you know where I could even get these pieces? My local Honda shop doesnt have much confidence in locating this because it's a 1995. Do you have an guidance or wisdom you would like to part with dear Oracle??
    (In the forum, I even included a picture.)
    trashman ·
    Been a while since we handled my nuetral shift lite on my 01 rancher 350 can ya tell me where my temp sending unit is ? .The bike is 5 hours away and the fan is not coming on but the last guy at the hunting lease said he got the fan to spin good by completing the ground circut, so i am betting on a sending unit.
    mdec950 ·
    you know any body that has 2002 TRX350FM Rancher parts ?
    I need these :
    42311-HN5-672 SHAFT, RR. AXLE REAR AXLE

    [email protected]
    512-317-2443 TXt or call
    hastyjohn ·
    hi helmut,old aussie70+ is i.this is my first attempt to post.i have rescued my old 1988 big red trx300 from some youngsters who almost killed it.though old her hours are 641hrs.the only part replaced is the battery relay switch.others have started to try to ressurect her.compression is ok. power to ignition and light wiring spark to plug.neutral,reverse&oil lights operate but iam not confidant of the switches.can i by pass these safty devices to carry out tests on regulator, stator,pulser,cdi etc? being a pensioner finances are limited.wish to fire her up first,iknow she is worth it.project for grand son.hope you and your mates can help the way i have a 1988 t0 1994 workshop manual.beers?cheers mate.
    nickt12345 ·
    I need some help. I have a 98 TRX300 that wont shift. The shifter seems to be stuck sometimes. Others it will only shift 1 gear up or down and I cant get it into neutral. Could this be the forks or the shift linkage
    bigfish7 ·
    I need some help my 2008 rancher 420 es will not shift .I replaced the ecu,the angle sensor,and the combination meter.nothing changes.we tested ther wire harness communications cable that tests ok the shifter on handle bar tests ok shift motor tests ok.we are stumped cant figure it out.the dash blinks a steady dash with the nw ecu in it and when we unplug the shift motor no code appears.when i put old ecu in the neutral light comes on along with all other dash lights.then when we unplug the shift motor this old ecu throws the code when the N blinks.what are we missing? any help would be appreciated.
    hikick1 ·
    One more thing. the engine only cranks with the run swith off like something is reversed. in run, nothing happens. no headlight is on thr bike. i did replace the run/kill switch. 1984 honda trx200
    hikick1 ·
    I forgot to mention i have been using the service guide and wiring diagram but no mention of where to plug this green wire up. i am causing wires to smoke in my hail mary desperate re plugging atempts. right now everything except that wire is per schematic. thanks for any help.
    hikick1 ·
    Hello knowledgeable one. After failing to figure out how to make a new post, I thought You just might be able to help me. i have a green wire sticking out of my engine on my 1984 after re-wiring it. Where does it ground or plug up? I think it may be from the ac generator or stator? I spent several hours re-checking my work as to why I have the infamous no spark. replaced the coil. cdi, sparkplug. please direct me to proper posting methods if necessary. This is my second attempt as i have been working on it since winter 2012.
    vermhot ·
    Hey bud ,I picked up a 2002 Grizzly 660 and some mice a chewed up the wiring harness,and was wondering if any year from 02 to 07 would fit it and if you had a repair manual for it ,thanks man ! I did join a Yamaha Forum ,but they fight on it and don't answer any questions man ! !!!!!!!
    Jasonstockholm ·
    I just wanted to say thank you for your indepth messages and all the help you provide people. I have A 1997 and 1992 honda 300 fourtax and the 1992 has given me
    Lots of problems. Your posts have been so helpful. Thanks again. Jason
    llfaub ·
    Ok I have bought a honda 250 4trax, need a yr? This is the vin # I hope, JH3TE060XHC205621, we need a manual. Thank you for any help.
    jwendler16 ·
    hi i just bought a 1980 honda 185 and i wnated to put a snorkel on it and i was wonderin if anyone had some advice on how to do it
    ledbetter7296 ·
    Hey i have a honda trx400ex 01 model sportrax and the chain got pinched in the front sprocket when it popped off. Do you know of anyway to get it unlodged?
    topline ·
    Hi everyone my names Mick from Melbourne Australia I have an 2000 model TRXforetrax 350 fe 4x4 i took my old man on a shooting trip after his cancer treatment the bike started and ran well for a couple of hours then just went dead so i checked the fuse box and noticed the main fuse had blown so i replaced it and it blew strait away so we towed it back to camp and loaded her on a trailer ready for the trip home anyway got home 13 hours later turned the key on the ignition and she started so i left her alone fore the next trip.Well now i going away again i tried to start it it started and then stopped with no power to the electronic dash or any were on the bike and as soon as u put a new main fuse in it blows straight away i hope someone out there could please help me or at least show me the way to try and fix it myself your help would be much appriciated thanks Mick
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