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  • tonyy93 ·
    Hey hello ! I noticed that we have the same 4wheeler mine is also 1993 Im from Mexico I just bought it 3 weeks ago it was abandoned at my auncle´s ranch and he sold it to me, but I´m having trouble about gettin new rear tires because I can´t find the size here in Mexico, do you know where can I find a pair of rear tires 25x12x9 in Texas? thank you !
    hey man I noticed we have the same year and model 4 wheeler! Do you have any mods? And who could i talk to about snorkeling?
    88wasgreat ·
    I have an 88 fourtrax 4X2 and the kick start makes a ticking noise unless the arm is tied all the way back. when i turn the kick arm out it just falls. I was wondering if anybody knows what i could do about that?
    bromagen25 ·
    hi can you tell the specs of what oil i need for my 88 trx300 2x4 dont have a manual and i got one to day from a guy i work with and i was going to change all the fluids and stuff. also what all would be good to replace. or put grease on?
    hondaman26 ·
    hello i have a honda fourtrax 300 4x4 can any one tell me how i can find the year of it i looked every where on it help
    ecoadrian ·
    hey i have a honda fourtrax its a 94 but the problem is i cant find no paperwork i have the vin # to it but i need paperwork on it if u culd help me out plz.... and heres my email adress ... [email protected] and ill post some pics of my honda im restoring it right now so i need some help from more honda fans.
    kickme ·
    hey guys im kickme ive been strugling with my four wheeler this thing want start after it gets hot i tried swapping every thing and the oil temp sensor did not work it runs weather or not its plug up or not im going for the pulse sensor by the stator next
    Redracer ·
    Just finished your stickers, they are curing(letting the vinyl off-gas) and then I can stack them and send them to you probably tomorrow. I will try to post some pics soon.
    shadetree ·
    yeah..i still got my money's worth out of is cheaper to just go purchase a new money and ordering.
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