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  • Aabelling ·
    Hey brother.. Thanks for the reply ! Can u send me a few pics of the fenders u have? The one I threw away was pretty spent and at this point, I would be willing to buy one even w the expensive shipping if they weren't horrible. My email is [email protected] or if u want to send them to my phone it's 716-713-4773. Thanks. My names Aaron .
    Big ·
    Deeperinthabush,is there any extra parts to my advantage to get from scrapmetal parting out recon,in your opinion.
    westcoaster ·
    Deeperinthabush, I'm a newcomer to the forum. Actually joined because I read some of your posts saying you might know about some TRX70s here in Florida. I'm looking for one for my boy. Would you be willing to help me out? I'm in the Bradenton area.
    bugguy68 ·
    Hey Deeperinthabush. I see you are an administrator for the forums. I'm a junior member to the site but wanted you to take a look at some of the reply's I've been dealing with from another junior member named Hondamaster. I came on this site to hit the forums to try and get a fix for my ride. I expressed some frustration with the lack of help I'd received, next thing I know I have this fellow junior member talking trash to me non stop vice trying to help me. If this is how members are aloud to act on the site, I will soon be a former member. If you could look into I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
    Lancer77 ·
    hey i saw your build post on the 350's i have 2 frames and a bunch of the parts your looking for. let me know if i can help you out.
    Wheeler13 ·
    Hey man I need your help!! I took my Rancher 400at out for a ride around the hay fields this evening and when I got back I decided to wash it. I left the key on so the fan could run if it needed to. So I soaped it up real good then rinsed it off good. When I got back on it I started it and it didn't want to go. I noticed on the display; where it usually says: D, N, R, or 1 for ESP; it was blinking ESP no matter if I had it in auto or not. Any ideals?? Thanks for your help
    Wheeler13 ·
    Hey man I need your help once again. I've got a couple of questions I need help with. First: when I look at my quad, and the handlebars are straight, the front wheels look like they're pointing to the outside in different directions. Is there something I need to replace? Second: when I'm stopped and cut the wheels as far as they can go, it sounds sorta like a dull whine when I start to take off. Is it a wheel bearing or something in need to replace?? Let me know. Thanks again
    Wheeler13 ·
    I really appreciate the advice. I just recintly downloaded the manual for it so I'll be able to look at the schematics and do it right. Thanks for your wisdom once again.
    Wheeler13 ·
    Thanks for the friend acceptance. You've givin some great advice. I've got a couple of questions for u if u don't mind. First as u may know I've got a 06 Rancher AT, and I was wondering if the fan is keeping it cool enough as it is or should I hook a switch to it and run it whenever? It kicks on after 30min and then periodically through out the rest of the ride and its the trx400fa version. Second my brother in-law has a 98 Forman 450 and he's about to change the rear wheel bearings out on it. I'll probably help him on it and I was wondering if its an easy job or not. Thanks for any help on the subjects.
    topline ·
    Today 07:41 PM - permalink
    Hi everyone my names Mick from Melbourne Australia I have an 2000 model TRXforetrax 350 fe 4x4 i took my old man on a shooting trip after his cancer treatment the bike started and ran well for a couple of hours then just went dead so i checked the fuse box and noticed the main fuse had blown so i replaced it and it blew strait away so we towed it back to camp and loaded her on a trailer ready for the trip home anyway got home 13 hours later turned the key on the ignition and she started so i left her alone fore the next trip.Well now i going away again i tried to start it it started and then stopped with no power to the electronic dash or any were on the bike and as soon as u put a new main fuse in it blows straight away i hope someone out there could please help me or at least show me the way to try and fix it myself your help would be much appriciated thanks Mick
    brandicomo ·
    Ok you seem super smart I've had my engine over hauled 3 times and every time after a day of riding it starts throwing white smoke, today it was while idling then when I gassed it it through a big white cloud, I've changed runs three times, honed, added programmer everything, my mechanic had always done good work and he said he doesn't know either, I'm tired of buying rings oils and spark plugs after spending all that money to do the work, like I said it rides good for a day then the white smoke slowly starts getting worse, I mean all these funds can't be bad I'm getting all parts from Honda! ! Work was done cause bike was sunk, 2011 Honda rancher 4×4, things I have been told:
    Could be programmer but mechanic got settings from manufacturer
    Pscking in exhaust needs to be changed,
    My mechanic sucks
    White smoke is caused by condensation but it smells like oil
    I mean if you have any suggestions please let me know! !
    Macarena Man ·
    Hi Deeper (Bob? George? Jim? Dave?) .... grin
    Would a forum for 'Land Use Issues' ..... fly here?
    Deal with the legalities, implications and anything to do with land use, and how to retain what we (as a collective) have?
    Well, Bob, George, Jim, Dave .... Deeper, just an idea here. ...... your thoughts?
    Icefishingman ·

    I noticed your were talking about a place to look for the diagrams under a technical tab or something. I have a 1986 trx350 4X4 and I am having some intermittent loss of fuel supply and was wondering how to find a wiring schematic to help me in the diagnosis. I best I have figured out is that the fuel pump does not run constant like something is controlling it/commanding it on and off. Any help is appreciated!

    1991honda350 ·
    good morning my friend! I was reading about lifts for my quad the other day and I read that you have done many spring lifts, so I thought , this is the guy to ask, I am wanting to do a lift on my old Honda . and I can fabricate a spring lift or I can fabricate an axel mounted lift , which one is the better , can you give me a few pro's and cons' about each so I can make a more informed decision instead of stumbling into it blindly hahahaha , Merry Christmas to you and your family by the way ! , right now I am not even allowed to ride :icon_ cry: ,I had my colon removed a week ago so I am out of the riding loop for the next month or so , to much SNOW anyhow lol
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