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  1. Not running well

    Repair & Maintenance
    Yes got it running this evening! Nothing gets fixed if you don’t try. Have to keep on getting it!
  2. Not running well

    Repair & Maintenance
    Would just like to say thanks to every that helped me out with great comments and direction!! And to let everyone know the fuel pump was not putting out the right psi. 30 psi is the magic number just Incase you want to know. And even if it’s 3 to 4 psi lower it can cause the problem i was...
  3. Not running well

    Repair & Maintenance
    No mods done at all. Someone told me maybe the O 2 sensor ? Like I said rode it last Monday and it ran fine. Saturday started running bad and the F1 light and coolant light come on when it’s cold or if you give it too much throttle. Changed plug made no difference. New gas and checked fuel...
  4. Not running well

    Repair & Maintenance
    Thank you ! I ride once or twice a week. Have tried all that you have listed. Even inspected the fuel pump and filter. The F1 light flashed when is cold and even when it’s warm it will flash if too much throttle is given and then bike dies or runs badly.
  5. Not running well

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hello! I have a 2007 Honda 420. Ran fine last week now to starts just fine but will not throttle up. After running slow about 50 yards it just dies out. Checked the fuel filter. Was not dirty. Fuel flows freely out of petcock on reserve and run. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated! Thanks !