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  • Jr95 ·
    I looking at your setup on your 400ex and I am looking at getting a Lexx slipon and wanted some info from someone that has one. What gain if any did you see and was it more or lest with the K&N lid? Also did you remove your snorkeler? My curent setup is: uni filter, Dyno jets stage one (I have more jets on hand) 13 tooth front sprock, I will probably send my 450r shock off with rear and have all redone. I do mostly trail riding but hit the mx tracks now and then.
    codyanna ·
    Thinking about changing my pilot jet to 42 07 400ex but do I remove choke or can I leave it on I'm also going with a 150 main
    Josh ·
    man what have ya been up to haven't seen you on much but im also not on much lol school . . .
    added you on facebook by the way
    SlammedRanger ·
    Hey man I got my 450r shocks in the mail today. I paid 100 dollars for them and there silver whatever that means? But they are off a 08 450er and they are missing the upper bushings completely. Will tue ones off my 400 shocks fit? Or do I have to order new ones? Kinda dissapointed there missing but I couldn't beat the price. Thanks again man for all the advice!
    SlammedRanger ·
    Right on! Thanks man! I don't go more than 10 feet in the air to often. I may just grind em then. Prolly easier than knocking that bolt out. LoL thanks again bro!
    SlammedRanger ·
    Hey man I'm getting some 08 450r shocks for my quad and I was just looking over your post on how they need modifying to fit. I'm only worried grinding them like that may weaken them a bit. Do you think if I knocked out the welded in nut and replaced it with a rounded head bolt would it clear do you think? And would I get away without grinding? I have a bench grinder but I hit some jumps I'm worried will break them if I grind em. Hopefully you can give me some insight! Thanks Bro!
    Josh ·
    dude im finally moving up in the world im getting a tricked out 450r from this guy who races ama national series and it is all fully decked out with shocks and a arms and swing arm and axle motor has been built by tom miller motorsports which is right down the road from where i live i cant wait to ride this beast it has a 14:1 piston in it
    QikTRX ·
    Hey, what octane gas do you run? What harm can running 87 octane do? Thanks again for all the advice before.
    travishale84 ·
    i see this is your 2nd or 3rd post stating that you cannot add a header to a lexx exhaust pipe because lexx doesnt have a header. i want you to know that fmf's powerbomb header will fit with the lexx slip on exhaust with no modifications. the header fits between the engine, and oil tank a little snug, but it will fit. it is a great set up for the 400ex.
    king22spade ·
    hey i have a 08 400ex as well and i put a 42 pilot and a 160 main it bog's a little in acceleration and when i get into 3rd gear around 1/2 to 3/4 throttle and i pull the clutch and it dies any idea i think its to much fuel but im kinda new with messing around with carbs and jets anu ideas would be much appreciated
    Reece616 ·
    Its running pretty good, but i didn't get it that way.
    I tried a new plug in it and played with the pilot screw but couldnt get it right.
    I gave in and had a local mechanic take care of it. He only charges $30 an hour
    and it's going pretty good now...
    Now i just need some way to keep my shift lever from staying on haha
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