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  • Grizzle917 ·
    That is great news!!!! I am about to pull the trigger I think. I am still trying to decide between the ITP SS112's and the 312's but I agree the 312's look sharp, are just a bit cheaper and it looks as though they will be easier to clean! I have still kicking around whether to go with the original Bighorn's and the 2.0's. I don't know if it is worth questioning??? Thanks again for all your help!
    Grizzle917 ·
    Thanks for the response!

    It looks very sharp!

    I am curious as to if they have ever rubbed at all ?

    Does the quad drive better with these than the stocks?

    Thanks again!
    Grizzle917 ·

    I wanted to compliment you on your Rancher. It looks Awesome! I had not seen that wheel/tire combo setup on anything before. It really looks sharp.

    I have a 2013 Honda Foreman 475cc, no powersteering, foot shift, and am considering changing the stock rims and tires. I am considering SS112's or SS312's and the Bighorn's in that same size. I have done alot of research and the stock wheels and tires that I am removing weigh Front - 24lbs and Rear - 28.5lbs. With the new setup I am looking at Front - 31.9 and Rear - 39. That is 37 additional pounds of unsprung weight.

    I was wondering, was there a noticeable power/performance difference when you went to the Bighorns?

    Also, how do you like your bighorns?

    Once again, sharp quad! Thanks for you help!

    Illinois City, IL
    300exboy ·
    I need some help on my honda 300ex it just creeps foward when you put in in 1st gear, you can rev it all the way but it will just creep foward, i had another post about this and they told me to check the sprocket and i did but that wasnt the problem, plus its snowing outside and i want to go ride but i cant, does anyone know the problem, it also moves in gear when the engine is off but at times it wont move in gear like it will catch that its in gear and it wont move but at other times it wont catch that its in gear can someone help me? i do alot of mud riding could something not be catching because its backed up?
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