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  1. Help me, I'm lost..

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    Can't decide between a 400ex or a Yamaha yfz 450. I've grown up with Yamaha all my life, never really let me down. But from what I've heard, getting a 400ex as your first trail quad is a good idea. I've worked on a yamaha timberwolf, still ride it, just wanting to upgrade to something faster. So...
  2. Help me please!!

    ATV General Discussion
    Thank you everyone! I'll will probably get one eventually thanks to all of your advice! Now, my next question. I've never used a clutch in my life, but I know the concept of them. Should I be prepared to buy extra plates since I'm new to it?
  3. Help me please!!

    ATV General Discussion
    Thank you everyone for the advice. My area is hardly slick, but steep is a yes. Steep like it's hard to walk up, but not impossible. I was heartbroken when they told me that a 400ex is not a good option. One of them previously owned one, and he said the clutch never lasted (not sure on the...
  4. Help me please!!

    ATV General Discussion
    I was originally looking into 400ex's, but two people have told me that out where I am at (Missouri), I should stick with what I have (Tinberwolf 250). They said the clutch would not be good on our terrain and that what I have is perfect. I really want one, but no one has told me that I should...