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  • gmbond ·
    Thanks so much for the contact - I'm chasing a 2005 bottom end on ebay right now - since I need a crank (timing chain sprocket is chewed up pretty bad) - timing chain - oil pump- at least 4 transmission gears, as well as the cases are broken...

    That said if I end up getting this or another bottom end or complete motor, you are welcome to have whatever is leftover if its of any use to you.

    If you look on kijiji in Trenton - there is a 2001 250ex for $1500 that I'm half tempted to try to buy for like $1000 just to use the motor and front disc brakes... Lol

    Ill left you know how the eBay thing works out.

    Thanks again
    Manny ·
    Thanks for the reply,
    i ended up purchasing a set of sedona ripsaws. boy i am very impressed! great big lugs, but literally, the smoothest tire on asphalt i have ever had. i highly recommend them...a tad on the heavy side, but the advantages from the handling is definitely worth it.
    Manny ·
    I see that you have Mud Bugs on your rincon. how do they perform on the trail? i have been researching radials heavily. but i always go back to bias ply because of price....any grips about em?
    honda9355 ·
    Thanks!! That is exactly what I needed.
    But now I think I'm in real trouble since there is no anchor pin on the backing plate nor is one available online. I may be crazy, but I'm sure there was no anchor pin that fell out with all the other parts when I pulled the drum. Is that even possible?
    The TRX is 100 miles away and I'm going from memory from when I took it apart in December. And I just can't remember seeing anything on the backing plate 180 degrees from the adjuster.
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