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  • b52bombardier1 ·
    The shop manual (available for free download on this site) will tell you that the friction disks and plates inside your engine will need occasional adjustment for best shifting. The cable adjustment is merely to remove slack from the cable and does nothing for the internal clutch.

    You will need one wrench and a slotted screwdriver to do a proper clutch adjustment plus two minutes of time. It is easy, just download the shop manual.

    BryanRexford ·
    Hello, you just recommended a clutch adjustment not including the cable on my topic for my 300ex. I searched as I'm definately not familiar with the adjustment you mentioned and I can't find what or how to do what you recommended. Do you have any more info on what you are referencing? I'm just not sure what I'm looking for; all the searches talk about the cable.
    Thanks in advance, Bryan
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