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  • 400exjason ·
    Hi , Was just wondering if you or someone could tell me what may be the problem with my 400ex .. When drove for about 10mins and warmed up, there seems to be a loud ticking noise coming off the top end .. I Was thinking maybe it it the valve clearence needs to be checked or maybe timing chain worn out? Please help me because I dont want to do the quad any harm .. Thanks alot
    madthrottle ·
    hey any one out there got good motor knowledge i just got an 07 trx 400ex and had the top end rebuilt because it went out on me and kept drinking my oil like crazy and now when the motor gets hot i get a ticking noise and it sounds to be coming from my valves is this normal for a 400ex at all and im looking for a stock exhaust tip for winter i plan to try and mount a plow to this fast sucker and enjoy winter while making some money from the neighbors helping out. plus any one interested i have the nerf bars for racing on it id like to get rid of for sale good condition still and if any one has an idea how to mount the plow up on it im all eyes to read on how to do it.
    Josh ·
    i got a chain and two sprockets that are barely used and in good condition $30 if ya want them and anything else ya want i need to know so i can tell ya the pricing
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