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  • trx300ex2007 ·
    can anyone here be able to give me a free 07 300ex service repair manual like the hard copy or computer download, i neeed it so bad right now.
    shaple ·
    what do you think a proper price would be for my 300ex its an 06 it has elka front suspention, new front and rear sprockets, new tires all arround, extra set of 300$ gass shocks, extra set of rims, race plastics, red frame, nerf bars, pro circut t-4 exhaust, pro armor teather kill switch, non stock headlight and break light. and she does about 110km give or take
    grhoten 300ex ·
    ok i gotta 03 300ex and i was going to change the oil. the drain plug was super tight ( the service shop changed my oil last) i put so much strength into it and i finally got it loose. it stayed loose for 2 hours i could not get it out. so i pulled it out with pliers and checked to see if the threads were stripped but they were fine. but the lip around where u put the bolt on the bottom of the motor a piece of that broke off wat should i do? my buddy told me to get something called a heliarc on it? plz reply
    Rockin300 ·
    I have a 2001 300 ex that has been running fine till this weekend...I went riding for a couple hrs....ran fine until i went through a puddle about 1ft deep kinda slow....It now barely moves in gear.....starts right up every time...Just doesn't have the ump it should at high rpm's any suggestions? I can flip through all gears just wont go like it should when rev up....
    timmay13 ·
    so i wana ride this winter and dont wana fry my motor again anybody have any good suggestions on what i should do i have a 95 300ex with a 12:1 ratio 10in holeshots on the back and also have an open filter bow with a uni air filter what should i do 2 b safe
    mudder425 ·
    Hey man im new and have a 87 trx 250 that has a short and keeps blowing fuse for headlight indicator dont know how this site works
    838XCracer ·
    Every piece is aftermarket except the gas tank ,plastic and seat. all Houser,jbracing, fox float evols on front,450r shocks, Stadium rear,jbracing =2 rear swinger with Dominator2 rear axel on Hyper beadlocks with tireballs,lsr carrier, 450r brakes all way round, And the engine if I told ya I'd have to kill ya! lol and the list goes on and on.
    temmorg ·
    hey you need to go into general discussion and look at my thread..i wrecked and see what happenes when you dont strap your helmet
    mud99 ·
    Ha little buddy glad you made it back on here. Did you get a new computer or is that one fixed.
    mud99 ·
    What weekend are you coming down on? I need the measurements for the air box to see if it will work.
    TRX2fiveO ·
    Where are you at Big jon? I didn't see you on last night, hope all is going well. talk to you later little buddy.
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