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  • 300ex power by monster ·
    lol i dont know wats all done to mine all i know it was port and polished bored over 30 sprokets are 14f 36b 22tires front 22back renthal handel bars jet kit and a pipe
    300ex power by monster ·
    well see my mom and dad work but every weekend we go ride and when we do it fun i went sunday and my dad crash 3 times and cuz once dad had a 525 troy lee and cuz 66 raptor and dad crashed on a hikk an othere in a crves in a trail head broke his fall and the last one was on rythem section and cuz was wheelieing and gas stuck and he did a 360 wheelie and crashed spranged his wrist and broke front finde 3qurters of the way off so now there saved into a raceing cut lol but my honda and my friends hond and his friends honda where fine
    300ex power by monster ·
    i live in souther illinoies and i ride at ST.Joe state park,Mo and lake hanna,Mo there about 2 hourse away from where i live at but summer time we go every weekend
    300ex power by monster ·
    yah my rims fram and swinger bar are not green and my bike rilly a 330 port and polished 400ex carb and a super trap pipe and a uni air filter and my back tires we switch sides so i could ride in the sand better
    300ex power by monster ·
    nope but the dog does and thx my nerfs are green now and the schock covers say monster and i got green grip i get new pics up tomarrow and go on youtube and serch teqlu top video is me doen a walk around of my quad ok and leave a commit on it and my quad set righ will hit 70mph
    tomgodd ·
    I am not real familiar with a 250ex but you could of cracked or bent the mount. Or you may have lost a bolt that holds the light or mount! I would make a thread and get some rplies from people who know the quad better than me.
    250boy ·
    I got a 2001 (great cond.) Honda 250ex last Christmas. And it is the most amazing piece of machinery I have ever owned, and I love it to death. I feel I can see into the future when I take off into the woods; it's as if I can see myself 70 years from now, sitting in a rocking chair, looking back on the best parts of my life; the sunny summer days spent on my 250.

    -k e v
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