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05-23-2019 01:33 AM
LedFTed i was working, for the elevator company early 90's. 2 brother's owned it. ICDC.. they got it from their dad, who got it, from a grandfather.
anyway, we were a a job, on melrose ave., downtown louisville. bacon
the Jeep truck was parked in back, it belonged to the older brother. you could watch pigs come through the line, they would get hosed off real well, to get the dirt off, then move up the line, where, something, looking like headphones, was placed, then electricity was applied, their ears stood up at attention.
then they were hooked up to the belt, that takes them, to get finished.. sliced an diced..
the day we were there, this time, a hog got loose, after being electrocuted. it wernt in a hurry, nor crazy acting, but it were headed towards the jeep truck. Gary jumped straight up in the air and landed in the bed of the truck. . i never seen anybody do this before, an never will again. LMAO, i was laughing so hard, i barely got in the truck bed, just in case, the hog was crazed.
04-04-2019 08:29 PM
LedFTed might as well keep going. no point in breaking tradition;
nice day, today. back wasn't bothering me. i when over to my shed. 2 story building. after i got in side, i was looking for something, i started noticing wasp. i also heard a noise over in the corner.
i go get the wasp spray, come back, spray what i can. some wasp dies, now to find the nest. over in the corner the noise gets louder. rustling. im thinking coon. since the spray, had already ran out, on the first can, it was low, i go get the the good stuff, RAID.. i find the wasp nest. its in the same place as it was for the past years. same spot, same wasp spray, more or less. ( i used to put a bit of veggie oil in my sprayer mix) to make it last longer.
the noise in the corner, make's a new sound, the steady beak sound, of a wood pecker, in the woods. i look upstairs, i look downstairs. i cant find the spot. in between the top plate, an the bottom plate, from the 1st to the 2nd floor. i cant fix it this evening.
soo, there is a little bit of light for a while. might as well fire up the little chainsaw. easy enought to start. i go in me moms back yard, and while using it, i lock the break. i rest it in my hip, put both hands in the handle to release the break, give it a yank,, and my left hand slips. i tear or cut a piece of skin, on the second finger, bout 5/8 long. its bleeding some, not enough to stop me from folding the skin back over, apply pressure to stop it. had a nice drip. anyway, i go into the house, i dont drip, make to the sink, to wash it off, apply pressure, an go find my brother, so he can help me put a band-aid on it.
i tell him cut part off 1 side of the band-aid off,. and get it ready. when i release put the pad part on the wound, i can hold it, till it get's put around my finger...
now for a punch line.
the blood has stopped. i go back out, fire up the saw, i move about 6 or 7 small branches, to the tow pile, and...... the saw run's out of gas.. talk about timing. if i had moved those branches first, the saw would not have had any gas in it. Oh Well
must be Karma, from a previous life.
03-30-2019 05:21 AM
prone for pain

i think it was 3, 4th of July's ago, i took a spill, on porch steps, an injured my back. my feet were up in the air as i landed, on my back. the steps caught me, just above the belt, an between my shoulder blades. it knocked the wind out of me. i found out what sciatica means. i still know what it means. it keeps reminding me.
i went to a regular hospital, and the VA. i can do a little bit, before the pain stops me.
anyway, i got a nurse practitioner, at the VA. she decided, maybe i need an MRI. so i go there an get one, turn's out, i got/had a fractured disk.
Ya Think!!!
if you are of a certain age, you are expected to have pain, sooo, ya get stringed along. i had one doctor at the VA, who said i had arthritis, in the tendons of lower arm's. ain't no such critter. might be about 200 form's of Arthur, none have to do with tendon's, i have found.
my next test lead's to a talk with a spinal, neural surgeon, depending on how it go's. i think, i rather go to a osteopath, or a chiropractor, before the knife.
i've looked up laser surgery, both on the eye's, and the spine. i doubt i'll do either, should the occasion arise. laser on cataracts is a one shot deal. if they get bad again, nothing can be done anymore. laser spinal, seems to be a insurance thing.
do your own research. dont go by what i say
12-28-2018 05:23 PM
Originally Posted by GirlsRideToo View Post
Last night I noticed that you had not posted in several days and I was concerned. I am happy to see you back today! Sure hope you are feeling better. One overlooked thing about low BP is hydration. Be sure you drinking adequate fluids every day. No, beer does not count. LOL
i understand the hydration issue. an i know beer doesnt hydrate you. after the stroke, my BP dropped. i did a bunch of research, on the subject of stroke. what i found out is if the carotid artery going to the brain has blockage, BP rises. an ultra-sound is necessary, just to find you have blockage. most never have this done, but, it should be done, even at an earlier age. perhaps at 25 the 1st time, then gauge it from that, when the next is necessary. strokes can happen to anyone, regardless of age. i'm not sure if heart attacks, apply, i think anyway, a heart should also be ultra scanned, at an early age. maybe both should be scanned way before 25. its called, preventive maintenance structure. PMS.. it involves fixing a problem, before it happens. it applies to ever thing..
there are people, that can teach, medicine, mechanics, an such,, but they cant do what they teach. i think they get stuck by the textbook. i.e. ifs its in the book, then thats the only way. they get stuck, because it isnt realized, the book, is only a guide...
well;; i said enough, an then some
12-27-2018 03:10 AM
fishfiles you like pranks Led' , when I was teenager I worked as a deck hand on shrimp boats during the summer in Venice , we had house trailers that we stood in , there is very little to do in Venice at night other than the bars of there was a bowling alley years ago , so we are riding down the highway and hit a raccoon , turned around and threw him in back the truck , nobody locked doors back then , we went to our buddies trailer and put the coon on the sofa , sun glasses on his head , cigarette in his mouth , ash tray and beer cans all over the place , tv volume wide open , next morning we were heading to the dock and opened the door of the truck and 50 beer cans fell out , the coon was hanging over the steering wheel like he got home late and fell asleep in the truck , so this went on for days , the coon kept showing up in the oven , the shower , behind the seat of the truck , etc , it went on for a week and the coon was ripe , then one day we were out in the Gulf on the boat and smelt something stinking , found the coon was cloth hanger'ed on top the engine half cooked , Shorty the guy I was deck handing for told me to throw it over board that he had enough , I was ready to keep it going
12-26-2018 10:46 PM
LedFTed something smell dead in the basement. hope it a mickey. i.e. , mouse. may be likely, the last bit of shrimp i bought fell behind the steps, before it was cooked. i might have forgot i set it there. lots of traffic, up an down the steps over to moms. however, thats not why i write. its about revenge, in the old days, or a prank. i do remember just a few for the moment. i didnt do these things, but would have liked to.. 1 thing was to put a raincoat, where gad is put in the gas tank, just undo the top, throw a rain coat in, the gas will put it in the tank. the gas in the tank, would expand the raincoat, an it would run into the feed in the tank, an shut the car off. once off, it would float somewhere else in the tank, and repeat the process later.
another thing was to put Limburger cheese on the exhaust manifold.
then there was, take a can of sardines, place the drained can under a seat, with the sardines. the reason i bring this up, is 2 well placed shrimp, can have the same effect, easier to hide. i couldnt do it to a friend, but would gladly do it to some one that pretends to be more than once.. or some other thing. some to do with time, and served cold. i cant the exact phrase at the moment patience, is involved. i got plenty of that.
12-20-2018 09:27 PM

i'm quite full of it, as you can imagine. i had borrowed my moms camera. that in itself is no problem. but!! the desk i use had pull out sections, to write on, writing boards, or whatever. i can have them flat, or can tilt them. i tilt them so i dont need a larger chair. i set me mums camera there, an it slid off. barely 10 degree tilt. it landed on the concrete floor, an broke the door. battery compartment, plus in the place, 8GB, card is at. her camera, L22 nikon. i bought 2 L31's just to make sure, i would have a better camera, so she wouldnt complain. $160.oo. it turns out, the L22, is a better camera. so i had to buy another camera, L22. i think it was $60.oo. just found out it was 30.
WOOF. an expression from the island, NY. my expression, i should not say here. poop, comes to mind.
anywho; i hope she dont know the difference. be the last time i borrow, her camera if this works. i should know better, anyhow
i didnt cost to much for that lesson. $220.oo, best i figure, an i got 2 cameras on the side i didnt need
anybody want an L31 Nikon, i got 2 ?
12-17-2018 07:41 PM
LedFTed here is one. i was watch a 1934 movie. the song at the end, got stuck for a week or so. today i seen a lynard skinard, movie. more as a documentary.
forgive the spelling, as i just cant do it. it did get rid of the song that was stuck. and i heard some of other music, from others, plus some music i never did anything with. i need to see the skinard movie again to reinforce the tune i dont like.. i dont listen to FM any more. its top 20 or even to 150. 2 days of 150 top tunes, is enough, to turn off the FM. makes me think of dish tv. or most of the commercials they show, instead of film. they could seen me a case of wine, everyday, and it wont improve the service. besides, i know boons farm type wine, and some white wine i used to get in florida, drink with, gretta, a friend, and watch Benny Hill.
i cant imagine eating fish eggs on a cracker, an paying to do it, or even close to paying for that.
seems it should be the other way around.
in 1985, i went to florida, to ride horses. just so happened, i was getting tired of drinking miller beer. it got too sweet. you probable seen something similar with cereal. it was sugar bear. no one should have to endure that much sugar. sugar beer/sugar bear, same MO. thats when i switched to budweiser beer. it was consistent for a long time. then one day, they decided to put dates on the cans, an bottles. that was when the quality when down the rabbit hole. now, ya buy by the date, instead of the flavor. they still do it. least you can tell when ya get a bad batch. when i was paying attention, i got up to over 26, different flavors. i still now watch the dates. once a year or so, it taste like bud. those are bad days for me, cause i buy so much.
just to say; a bar i went to found some bud in cans at the bottom of the cooler. they were getting thrown into the dumpster. i asked the bartender if i could try one. it was great. so i told him i would take the whole batch for $6.oo bucks. i got it.. the design of the can, had already changed twice. still, it was good bud, at its best. till ya get that kind, then ya will never know how bud taste. apparently, the newer brew masters, still dont know. i contacted the company once, to tell them. the reply was from a car salesman, not someone who cares about more other than profit. well, i said too much already. ed
12-11-2018 08:58 PM
46 ford tracter.

the rubber boot at the bottom of the shifter , let water in the into the oil. it affected the lift. it took a while to figure out what the problem was. i got a new boot. them things are hard to put on. not having to do this before, i thought if i soaked it in gas, it would be looser, an easier to put on. it was pliable after i got it out of the gas. wasnt long till it shrunk worst than before, an became as hard as a rock..

i wont tell you about only putting 2 out of three plugs, at the bottom, of the tractor and wondering why it wasnt filling up, with the new oil..
i aint the least bit, drifty
on my side, it had been 4 mts since i took the plugs out, an,, When, someone is helping me out that dont know anything, my train of thought, runs off the tracks.
12-04-2018 09:58 PM
Originally Posted by fishfiles View Post
Quote ,LedFTed " drink 1 or 2, you dont have to go to the bathroom. after that, for every 1 ya drink, ya gotta go 2 or 3 times. LOLS.. the low BP was one thing, but the site has been running slow also. "Quote , LedFTed

I am good for 6 beers then 1 trip to the rest room , then it is one for one after that , on the weekend I can do 18-24 so that is a lot of trips to the relief area , I got a urinal out of a hotel bar room that was demoed , have not hooked it up yet as a outside outhouse , I been catching friends peeing behind the pump shed , talked with my water well buddy and he says it would take 400 years to get to the 400 ft well head , don't know about that one ---- I know it is better than Round Up for killing grass and the mole doesn't like it
WOW; 6beers. got to say i'm impressed. never knew it was possible, cept for Andre the Giant. he could knock out some beer. i have made it to 3 beers, but i still do double time after that. whats worst is having to wake up during the night. just when im snoring good, or having a good dream. it seems like i always get woke up, just before i get to the good part of the dream. its like reading a book, then find out the last 10 pages are missing, when ya get to the end.
when my dad got older he had a tube!!! it went to a plastic bag, nuff said..
if i aint drank in a while, i can drink 9 or so in a day. i pay for it the next day.
on my 26 birth day, i drank 26, it took, though, 24-26hrs. that was last time i tried to do that. it was a long day. i didnt do it any more after that.
if the urine gets rid of moles, i been putting it in the wrong spot, urine, probable have bad aim anyway. i dont see them moles, for the most part.
now is a good time to put those caster beans in the ground. 3 of those beans may kill a horse.
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