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Oil changes suck!

I know there are going to be those that say "That's what you get!!" but that's okay. I'm getting my Outlanders ready for riding this spring, did the first all out fluid change on my '18 Outlander 570. Glad I will only have to do this 1 time a year or so as I had to remove the plastics and the foot well on the right side of the bike to get to the Oil filter and the fill plug for the gear box. With that being said, once I worked through the process, the second one should be much easier when I decide to tackle it. Once I had the gear box, crank case, front differential, and rear differential changed, it only took me about 10 minutes to put all of the plastics back on. I will have to say the machines performed flawlessly for us and never skipped a beat on any of our rides last summer. I will also have to say that my '18 Outlander handled the Warn plow off of my Rancher with ease and was much more pleasant to use especially with all of the snow we received in February and March. 32" in 3 weeks, and the weird part was we also had extremely cold temperatures, we were getting snow at -15 to -20. NOT normal for our area, usually snows in the low to mid 20's here. In any event was nice to not have to shift, wouldn't have been able to anyway with the huge boots I was wearing to stay warm. My Heat Demon grips and thumb warmers worked to perfection and at times actually had to turn them down. Really the only negative thing I would or could say about the machine(s) is the left side where the exhaust runs, does get a little warm during the Warmer months but I helped that situation out by removing the plastics and adhering a couple of layers of aluminum tape to the back side and also on the back side of the front of the left rear fender. And.......changing the fluids is a pain. My wife is able to ride farther, with less fatigue, and with a lot more confidence by not having to shift especially on hills. We will just see how it goes and take each ride one at a time. Hoping that by maintaining on a regular basis and running in the proper range (H or L) that we will get a lot of trouble free service from these 570's. Have heard that a lot of issues happen with the 850 and 1000 cc machines. Especially in areas like ours where trails are slow and tight and sometimes very technical. Those big engines don't like the slow lugging. Our 570's have plenty of oomph for us, 48HP, 20 more than the 420 Ranchers. I will say I do miss the tighter turning capabilities of the smaller machines we had. I don't know how those guys that ride the 850's and 1000's do it, we know some folks that have those big ones, they are HUGE. Haven't ridden with them yet to see what they would do on a tight trail but the 570's are plenty big for us.
Our Outlander Max has been sitting since Oct. 25th, I had the battery for it on a tender for the last 5 months and put it back in it today, hit the starter and it fired up immediately and just hummed.
So at this point we are happy with our two machines and do take tow straps just in case we need to be towed. Or you never know we might come across a Polaris. Hope everyone is doing well, we are looking forward to another safe and eventful riding season as the snow slowly disappears and we edge closer to the date of the trails opening. Might be a bit later this year as our snow pack is at 125% to 140% in some areas. If we get a nice gradual warm up it will be very beneficial to the hills and trees. So far so good.
Had to push the snow into the yard then shovel it, the city will fine us if we push it into the street.
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Cannot image that much snow. Sorry to have to ask, but what do you do with the snow in your yard?? That's a pretty high bank you've built around your house. LOL
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Lol, we had about 6-7ft of snow this year, I'll take a few pics of the farm later today if you want to see snow...
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Our snow is finally gone. I didn’t ride my wife’s Outlander 500 Max XT once this winter. I used my 86 TRX350 with the V-plow—broke thru some 4 foot drifts with it to clear the road out.

Is your Titanium? do like the CanAm IRS and disk brakes. It will go faster than i can stand by a long ways. Doesn’t seem to overheat but if you’re riding two up the front wants to dive going into a turn.

Hopefully you’ll warm up soon and not get too soggy—flooding here makes the clay and shale swell up and ruin slabs, basements and septic tanks. It’s not nearly as bad as southeast of here—they say Ranchers lost thousands of calves this year.

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LOL that's not all that much snow, just whats from the driveway and parking area in front of the house. It's almost gone now. it was a chore to keep everything cleaned up, but you just keep piling. Next year will push further into the yard to start with. Machine worked well, as did the shovel lol.
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Originally Posted by Freedomflyer View Post
LOL that's not all that much snow, just whats from the driveway and parking area in front of the house. It's almost gone now. it was a chore to keep everything cleaned up, but you just keep piling. Next year will push further into the yard to start with. Machine worked well, as did the shovel lol.
yup that's the trick to plowing in a snow area with an atv, you really have to push as far back as room allows and allow for future snow falls, or worse, warm ups that turn piles into ice, which you cannot then move at all
can recall many winters plowing the farm road, starting out at about 30 ft wide and by med winter maybe 8 ft wide with huge piles on the sides that would turn rock hard from warm ups and re freezes

glad to also hear your enjoying the new atv's
Honda IMO really needs to stop up and offer some new models and different options!
but doubt they will!
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Not sure what you're asking about what is titanium. As far as the brakes go I do like the disks, weird thing is there is only 1 disk on the rear that doesn't make any sense to me. I do Love the IRS, of course after riding with a Solid Rear Axle it feels like a Cadillac. Power Steering is awesome, my wife absolutely loves that, like I said up above she is able to ride farther with less fatigue which makes it more pleasant to go out. I guess that I haven't noticed the diving in the turns when we're riding the 2-up, some of our trails are pretty tight so there isn't a whole lot of speed going on when we ride. All I know is the wife is much happier sitting on her throne behind me with the nice handles and stepped up platform foot rests and the IRS.
We are also hoping that it doesn't warm up to fast all the snow runs out of the mountains and is gone. I'm glad that we don't have that kind of soil around here, it holds the moisture forever it seems. Foundation damage from that sort of thing doesn't happen here, we get plenty of mud as it is, but nothing that cause that sort of damage. That's part of the reason our trails open up so late, that and the snow pack, the forest service doesn't want any machines ripping the crap out of the trails.
Calving was pretty tough here this year as well, my cousin has a ranch and she lost about 50 head herself, was a bitter cold Feb and Mar this year, we had record setting cold temps all across the state. So far we've had a nice slow warm up allowing the moisture to soak in slowly instead of fast and running down the creeks and rivers.
Hopefully we won't get any major flooding.

TB rider, yes please post some pics, I talked with some friends that live in south eastern North Dakota and they said that they had a ton of snow themselves, 6 ft in their yard as well, and that wasn't drifting, where it did drift was much deeper, the farmers are going to have a mess this year getting into their fields. Personally glad that ours is going away slowly, been a long haul this year. Got Snow the 1st of October and never left, our back yard is on the north side of the house and we still have about 6", the south facing front side is melted off except where I had to pile it. Looking forward to the warm temps that's for sure. FF.
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Just changed the fluids on my 2nd machine yesterday morning, went much better as I made a list of the tools I needed from the last time and knew what to expect and where to start. I changed all the fluids except the cooling system fluid and was done in about 1 1/2 hrs from the time I removed plastics, got all of the fluids drained and plastics re-installed. Not too terrible next time should only take me about 45 mins to just do oil, I can live with that. Next service on gear box and differentials won't be for quite some time now as we won't put that many miles on them in a year. So will just enjoy the riding.

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Not really familiar with the L model Canned Hams but I know the Renegade is pretty easy to change the engine oil on, no plastic removal needed.

Gearbox is a bit of a pain but the last time I changed it I had the gearbox on my bench, so it kind of wasn’t bad lol.

Rear diff is easy enough but the drain bolt? Is some bizarre H5 size or something.

Front diff isn’t bad other than my Renegade has the BRP aluminum skid plate on it and has to have a hole drilled into it to access the drain on the diff, I guess the old models had the drain on the side of the diff so the hole wasn’t needed.

Grease fittings are the biggest pain for me, rear driveshaft mostly. I’ve been tempted to put an automatic greaser in it for the rest of them but never did try it lol

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This is a before I started pic and a during the process pic. Thing that is a little rough is even if you're just changing the oil you have to do this. But I think I could probably get the plastics off now in less than 10 minutes. Got that down now that I know where all the clips and releases are. Still a bit of a pain.
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