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yes I live in a very high bear number area, but to be honest I have a lot of about all species of critters that live in PA here , have thousands of acre's of some prime land surrounding me, most all owned by gun clubs that manage lands for high wildlife numbers, and most hunters in the club, seem to prefer to spend time in club house, than hunting, so, numbers on things are pretty high here right now, and have been the past 10+ yrs or so
plus I have a lot of food plots of my own and fruit tree's and such, together it holds critters pretty good, I enjoy seeing the bears the most I think, they do a lot of silly things, I have NO clue as to why at times, seems there whole lives here revolve around eating sleeping and being silly!
there brute strength at times is also amazing, watching them uproot stumps and rocks looking for snacks, they throw around 100+ lbs tree's like there tooth picks, and make it seem like its fun, or is till I have to move them back LOL
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