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Originally Posted by fishfiles View Post
Jeep , I guess I type that misleading , I use 2 inch lift front and rear , Manny was asking about the rear so I only mentioned the rear , Sam is right that it will look like a nose dive with stock shocks , my wife's 300 has Brute Force 750 shocks and the 2 inch lift brackets and she sits 1 1/2 inches taller than me to the top of the rack , we do run the same size tires 26's , but different brands , the ride height of the two are very close , I did raise the front of the front fenders on both our bikes with brackets from the frame to the fender , makes it look a lot better
That fender to frame lift pictured anywhere in a build thread or one of your other posts?

I don't currently have a 300, but tinker on a buddy's occasionally and have my eye out for a cheap project.

Unfortunately most of the time when I find a cheap project I'm broke.
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