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I first went to Perry a few years ago. And I wasn't to impressed, I thought it was mostly geared toward 4x4's and dirt bikes. Well I went back in 2013 and they have made major improvements. Trails galore and mostly marked, but still my buddy and I managed to stay in the maze for over a hour! As Resq says 16 miles of advertised trails, but I assure you there is 3x that easy. One thing nice about Perry compared to Wayne is they don't require a trail permit. You still need to have the state registration thou. Here is a couple videos I made from my September 2013 trip there.
Trx700xx & 660r @ Perry State Forest - YouTube

660r & 700xx @ Perry State Forest - YouTube

#1 2008 Honda Trx700xx HMF Performance Exhaust, PCV, Stroked 710cc, 10.5:1 Wiseco Piston, Frt Elka Stage 4's, Fox Podium X rear's, EHS Lid, L8ton Stealth Bumper and 11/16" sway bar
#2 2008 Trx700xx AMR Reaper, Ehs Big 3, P/P head, Xcalibur Cam, Hard Welded Rockers, +1 In/Ex Valves, +3 Throttle body, 11:1 CP Piston, OMF Wheels & GBC tires, L8ton 11/16th Sway Bar, PRM Utility Rack & Desert II Front Bumper.

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