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Originally Posted by _Wilson_ View Post
I went to make my second cut the the whole tree shifted and pinched my bar.
Next time (on sawing up big twisted blow down) Take your splitting wedges and maul, I've had good luck un pinches ... SPRING loaded blow downs ARE SO much fun ha! .... i'd much rather tangle with those fire ants lol....
Exacty.. I carry mauls and a hatchet to keep the tree from collapsing into a the wedge cuts up on top and take out chunks, etc...takes me longer, but has saved my butt on blade pinch many times. Even then, like you guys have said..if you have one that's in a twist and is just waiting to turn and settle..or like one of the big monsters 2 weeks was so rotten in one section that it just crumpled on me on one part, allowing the rest of the tree to shift over..had I not had a maul in place (and even then it was a bit of a bite), I woulda been stuck big time.

I"m too old to "wrastle" these big beasts...cutting a chunk out, pry bar to roll em out of the way, etc.
and on occassion, hook the winch cable up and give em a tug...that's probably the only time I'd miss the much larger lil 300 is impressive for a small bike but if i had a big machine out here i know I'd be tempted to cut less and pull more.
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