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congrad's to ya.
on the side, didnt ya just win also bout 6 months ago? that say's double-win, congrat's.
ever raced a horse, out of the gate's. my little cob horse, blows the door's off my 450es2000. she dont stand tall for a horse, 42 hands., but i cant out run her. she is 1 horse power. {Horse power must be under rated}.. .. ..
i have seen hills, horses could not climb, that an atv can do. those atv's, look like your's..

clymers manual,service manual..
"what a good giff, the good lord gee us,not to see ourselves,as others see us"
hard to talk to morons. even more so, when related..
"ya should get 3 people ta smile or laugh every day" all will feel better
"sometimes, when drinking 5 or 6 bud's, nipping JB, Jim Beam, cinnamon in between, i start thinking sideways,,i have too though, ta match the way i walk" ed
"those that dont study history, are doomed to repeat it"
"I HOPE i aint wrote nutting else stupid" "funniest comedy dont need curse words" "teach how to think, not what to" ed
"Genius can be measured,not stupid" Albert Einstein
"when you get to old to learn, then what good are you" ed
i havent done friends list,if i do, R the rest not friends?
2000 450es TRX
2 grass hog 4x4s
sum humor adds up
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