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Originally Posted by bighanded View Post
thanks Shade..yep...big mess I'm sure if I downshift..that's why I didn't like the idea of a complete bypass, but rather making myself pull the left brake lever..which I wouldn't do in normal riding as I use the foot brake..but I get your point.

the "plate" for the reverse cable has some flop to isn't snug up against the base of the brake lever..that's the problem..the red button plunger moves brand new...but all the way down, it doesn't go deep enough into the reverser plate hole to catch cause the plate has enough play in it that it hangs down a bit.just enough that most of the time it the plunger gets barely into the hole and as you pull the brake lever it pops out of the reverse plate...the repair shop kept/tossed my original lever into a parts was basically fine except the old red button was worn.. I will run over there and see if they still have the original and if there is just a bit of difference in it...but I'm not sure how to snug up the reverse plate to the brake lever plate at this point..and if I can't get the flop out, then the plunger isn't going to get deep enough into the hole to hold
you can use a nut on the very bottom of the brake lever to help close the reverse bracket and brake lever button. or try using a bench vise to squeeze the gap a tad, but be very careful when doing this !, those brake levers and reverse brackets are pot metal , and can and will snap !.

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