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Originally Posted by Rocketman5144 View Post
I'm up by Columbia, so not really local.
I've heard about ridding down there but it's never been specific like this is where you can go and these are the trials you can ride. So have always been hesitant about going down there, don't want to drive down there and not be able to find a place to ride, or get fined for ridding someplace you aren't allowed.
Guess I need to be a little more adventures and go check it out.
I spent yesterday afternoon Googling and on the phone trying to figure things out.

I think:

On forestry you have to ride on forestry "roads", not trials. There are no "trials" (just roads) for motorized vehicles in the National Forest, EXCPET specific areas that have "trail systems" designed for ATVs / off road use and you pay an extra $45 dollar a year for a pass. There are restrictions.

My area has only has "roads", no trail systems. They will be marked with brown post "FR" and a number. You might enter one side of the "road" and its marked and exit on the other side for the "road" and it is not marked. Many of these "roads" not maintained and or very neglected. They are fun to ride. There are also county roads that cut in and around. They are usually better maintained but often they can be confused with a long drive way. I am in Texas County and in addition to the state sticker you need to trade the Sheriff (his office) $15 for another little sticker to ride on county roads. For the forestry "roads" (not to be confused with trail systems) you just have to comply with state law. I don't think anybody in my area, to include LE and the Forestry personnel, really have a clear understanding of what goes which way and were it ends. Enforcement of any of it seems nonexistent.

I hear tails of triangles and flags but I think they only apply to vehicles driven on the road for agricultural purposes and maybe places that have "trail systems". Not real sure about that. Friday I am going to register my 4 wheelers at the license office and then go buy the Sheriff's office for the county permits and I will see what else I can find out.

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